32 Grosvenor Road, Rathgar (-735k, -48%)

1998: Sold for €585k (£461k)
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 50288.html

2005: Sold for “1.53m”
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … ry7325.asp

Now asking 1.1m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … gar/366653
c. 2000 sq feet, €550/sq foot

now asking 975K


1998 price is 820K inflation adjusted (anthonykelly.com/inflation.html)

now asking 795K

almost 50% of what it sold for in 2005.

I went to see this today. Smashing house if I ever saw one. Really really beautiful house. Only three bedrooms though, and not massively big either. On street parking, no garden for the kids to run around, protective structure… way too many compromises for us. Lovely house though if that’s what you’re into. Not bad value either, methinks. And great area of course.

There was loads of couples having a look around, a good bunch of couples with a newborn baby. However the house doesn’t struck me as very kid-friendly and I am sure a lot of the other couples thought the same. No offers as yet when I left the house (nearly the end of the open-viewing) but then again someone will snap it up, it really is a gorgeous place.

€389/ft2 seems steep to me without off-street parking or good garden, even in a nice area.

I’d have put it at €635K from a €311/ft2 and that might be too much even. I still can’t reach a definitive answer on a generic ‘what its worth’, but I get very unconfortable over €330/ft2 for any area unless something ticks all the boxes (including off street, drive in parking for 2 to 3 cars).

I have to agree. Greater than 330 per square foot requires a good back garden and off-street parking as well as very good overall condition.

Plenty of houses have sold for in this price range recently.

sale agreed


propertypriceregisterireland.com … oad-42807/