32 North Circular Road, Dublin 7 (-230k, -31.7%)

Was 725k
irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … ite=myhome

Now 599k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-7/130458

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Now €550k

Now asking €495,000

Wow, on the south side it could be a trophy house. Whats that area like?

Not a nice area now unfortunately. O’Devaney Gardens just behind it is one of the roughest estates in Dublin.

as noted - not good.

a lot of the neighbouring houses are similar looking but also split into flats. Poor quality flats I’d say too - seem to have a lot of immigrants rather than students too. O’Dev gardens very dodg too. Shame, decent location - proximity to town/park. Says a lot about the fvcked up planning that allowed shed loads of developments way out and these magnificant houses are in shite. They could have been Dublin’s Harlem :slight_smile:

Don’t know the details of the economics but I suspect the Rental ALlowance skeptics would have a field day here too. With all the empty apts around there should be no market for these poor quality units. The recent arrivals to our fair shores are at the receiving end IMHO

A lot of heroin addict tenants too. Beautiful houses but unfortunately the road is a total wreck. You couldn’t even buy one and renovate it, you’d be robbed on a monthly basis.

Read somewhere recently that O’Devaney Gardens was orginally built as a private devlopment in the 60s and that it went bust. Corpo then bought it out for social housing and the residents still refer to the orginal private blocks as the “privates” as opposed to the rest. The strech of the NCR has beautiful houses, built for the officers of the Brithish Raj, but one little estate and a minority of residents of same (ODG) wrecks it. Visually ODG is appaling. It would be like the Mespil Road flats wreeking havoc on D4. There was a proposal to knock it, (MacNamara I think), but thats now history.