321 Lower Kimmage Road, Kimmage (-700k, -70%)

Bit of a roller coaster this one

Started at 875k, then dropped to 749.5k before climbing to 995k

irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft

Now 695k


And now back up to 895k!

The roller coaster continues…

Reckon this just a clever attempt to draw attention to itself by varying the price wildly? There’s a been a bit of that lately; I remember a thread somewhere around here mentioning some unprepossessing place that was increasing its price by €1k a day; surely an attempt to 1) get itself noticed on ‘Recent changes’ lists, and maybe 2) duke the ‘Price rises in the last month’ statistics (“wow! 31 price rises last month! the market must be picking up at last!!!”)

It’s actually asking 20k more than it was asking in April last year :laughing:

Floor area approximately 1,350 Sq.ft. I’m thinking the €695k figure was a Freudian slip but is the figure they’re thinking.

Would make it…

€515 per sq ft

A new high: €999k

Does a wee mouse live in there? A million euros FFS!

It’s KIMMAGE. A million euros for a bland average house in KIMMAGE. You could get a lovely Victorian house in Sandymount for that.


The green shoots of recovery!
This bit might skew the price:

“ATTENTION WILL LET FOR 3000 euros per month/ Doctor s / dentist / practice/OR SELL FOR 1,000,000 WITH FULL PLANNING PERMISION No.321 Lower Kimmage Rd is a large 3 bed detached property offering very spacious accommodation with high ceilings along with a 60 ft rear garden that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.”

There’s no details of the state agent… I wonder is this Tom guy the owner? I don’t recall having seen a house advertised for sale before by the owner…

Gangrene shoots of recovery!

Went up to 1.2m :open_mouth:

Now at 575k

Over half a million bucks and look at the state of the jacks (the only one in the house it seems). Ridiculous. As for it ever being €1m, Jesus H. Christ.

Should’ve been moved to Worst Value House thread.
Jesus wept.

It’s not even the nice part of Kimmage it is quite close to the worst areas of Crumlin.

It really really isn’t?

Just google “captain’s road crumlin site:independent.ie” or “lower kimmage road crumlin site:independent.ie” for a sense of the area.

Looks like Tom has dropped his asking to 525k


Curious description in ad

+1 … but still a mad mad price …

I’m from Knocklyon, working in Crumlin, with a good friend who used to live on Lower Kimmage Road - it really, really isn’t near the worst areas of Crumlin - or anywhere else. It’s a nice quiet place to live(if you have double glazing at the front). Still a mad price mind.

Currently listed at €449k


Sorry Tom, but way more to drop before you’ll get much interest.