33 Goldsmith Street, Phibsboro

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Lovely house, and fully renovated.
Then you come to the bedrooms and there are fitted wardrobes.
Maybe it’s just me, but fitted wardrobes are fine once they are level with the bed and you’ve got room for lockers with your clock/pictures and space for your things, and not “fitted” meaning that there are some build on wardrobes around the bed head. The also take up wall space which now makes the windows look like they are out of place in the room.
I would be forever walloping my head off those things.
I love the entrance though and the look of the house but I think they could have left the bedrooms alone for people to get some nice freestanding wardrobes which may have suited the rooms better.

I can see it getting around the asking price still though.


These days, who knows. But, IMNSHO, it is bloody expensive. Would not pay that price for that house and garden in that area. But there’s more people than me on the demand curve, so maybe somebody thinks it’s value.

Put mirrors on the bases, so when you wake up in the middle of the night, there’ll always be someone staring at you in the dark :nin

This house backs onto Royal Canal Bank, there is a lot of anti-social behaviour and drinking/drugs activity in that park. I’m pretty sure that the front bedroom normally runs the full width of these houses and has been subdivided to make two rooms in this house. Very busy road with parking difficulties as well although there is residential disc parking which helps.

I know someone living on primrose street and someone else on Fontenroy and they love the area and never have any problems. Community garden in the area and a friendly cosmopolitan vibe.

Very busy road - eh really? I wouldn’t have said so.

I saw this house - my problems was the lack of storage i.e. no attic, no garage. My thoughts at the time were that the wardrobes were put in to show that there is storage.

Saw this one as well. Nicely done but didn’t like the way all of the 4 bedrooms were the same size. True, walls could be knocked, but you’re paying a premium for the 4th bedroom that’s there. Would worry about how much sun the back garden would get as well.

Downstairs is lovely though. Love the way it’s laid out. Just don’t love it enough to pay anywhere near that much.

Went for a viewing last night.
I have to say that I like the street. It was quiet (at 5:30pm)
there is a bit of a rat run at the far end (phibsboro) but it’s not at the end were number 33 is on for sale.
Number 23 is on at 100k less but I think the whole downstairs needs work as it’s not set out in a nice way at all.
I walloped my head walking into the tiny kitchen. Is 23 worth 395? No.
So, is 33 worth 495. I would say that if you are buying to rent it then perhaps. There are 4 good size double rooms and a nice living area downstairs.
For a young couple moving in the layout upstairs is all wrong. People would rather have a large master bedroom, en suite, walk-in wardrobe etc and then have 2 other double rooms (which is plenty till your on kid number 4!!). Bunks and 2 singles would easily fit 4 kids in 2 rooms till a new house is found, so I conclude that this house is designed for renting and not for FTB or people with 0-2 kids.
3/4 of the upstairs would be wasted in my case as there are just the 2 of us for now.
So, I would need to knock through and do some work up there (possibly 30k+)
I would not be offering more than 450 for the house, but to be fair, it’s not bad, but it didn’t think “wow”.


Rang up on this last week and it was up to 510k !! XX
Considering the highest price paid for a house on that road was 400k in December (and outside of that it’s a long drop), it’s a hell of a lot of cash for the place.
I had been interested but at around the 420/430k mark.
When I walked around the back of it there was a used condom 8- (nicely knotted to be fair to the guy) and some beer cans and broken glass on the back wall (cemented in).
I think I could honestly overlook all that (at a price) but if it’s gone up to half a million euro I would expect no need for my back garden area to need broken glass on the wall. :nin
Being on the market so long I half expected that given all the downsides it could be got for around the 430/440k mark, but someone must really want it.
Maybe the shag alley around the back is a bonus. Who knows. :slight_smile:
It’ll be interesting to see where this ends up at “sold” stage.


510k?? I’m shocked at that as well to be honest. I can see the investment potential with the 4 double rooms and proximity to the Mater. Looked at it a few times but never made an offer. Offers made when it went up initially were around that 430/440 mark as far as I remember. Think that was more realistic but if someone thinks it’s worth that much then good luck to them i suppose.

There were 2 others for sale on the road as well. 22 and 32 I think. Think they might have gone S.A but haven’t spotted anything on PPR. That might shed more light on the offer on this one.

33 is on the quieter end of the street. Plenty of traffic passes through the NCR end for small shortcut via Vincent St.
Residents parking permits, and don’t think there would be a a problem with parking - it’s meter until midnight on that rd. Just inconvenient for visitors.
Would be wary about access from the rear of house. Looks expensive for what it is, but one of the nicer houses on the street no doubt.

but i can see the broken thinking to explain why it goes that way

You don’t often see a condom, used or otherwise, cemented into the wall.

After seeing the others for sale on that street I concur. It’s the nicest.
It has it’s own flaws being upgraded as a rental and with horrid built in wardrobes but no denying that the extension is a great job out the back.
Nicest house on the road for sure, but the old saying goes “Buy the worst house in the best location”.
This is the most expensive house in that area and it’s not the greatest area.
At 510k budget there are alot of houses brought into the net.
I thought 430/440 was about right. I’m miles out.