33 Men, Ukrainians 33,000, Disappointing

It’ll be a lot more than 33 soon enough. Also, nice to see a bit of gender based discrimination at work…

Me bollix, it’s 33 Comms again.

A total of 33 Ukrainian refugees were informed that no accommodation was available to them on Friday, the Department of Children and Integration has said.

A spokeswoman for the department said all individuals who were turned away from the Citywest transit hub were male, and no women or children were turned away.

Women and children first for the lifeboats. :thinking:

I’d almost wager this is comms to “not jump ship” keep your post if you wish to share in the profits.

For note, there was this already earlier in July:

A litte more notes on 33, last time it was property collapse, did you notice?

Back in 2007 CIF: 33,000 completions in 2008

Today, on “Down to Business” on Newstalk, Mark Coleman was being interviewed and stated that he has been told by a member of the Construction Industry Federation that the figure for 2008 completions will fall to 33,000

Again same year 2007 33,000 millionaires in Ireland-2nd wealthiest in the world!!

There are an estimated 33,000 millionaires in Ireland, according to a report published today.

…Of these, some 330 are said to have a net worth of over of €30 million…

You might read that as 1/3 Fallen are in Control of this Domain.

Extrapolate and transpose to the “invasion” forces, who is commandeering and controlling all of this?

It’s seem fairly black and white no? :icon_beer:

Men in a war are supposed to stay and fight…or at least cook the meals no?

Ukranian deserters or gypsies and africans?


We know that the government can shut these things down if they don’t like the conduct or governance. We’ve seen them threaten to cut funding.

These are Quangos. Quasi Governmental


Minister of State in the Department of Agriculture Martin Heydon said the lack of available space to shelter incoming Ukrainian refugees was a concern.

“My understanding is 33 male Ukrainians were not able to be accommodated last night and that is a really disappointing place for us to be in,” he told RTÉ’s Katie Hannon radio show on Saturday.

The Regime Satanists are symbolically mocking the Irish people here.

If you want to deal in the literal things, here is the story, once you get past the symbolic mockery of tricking people into symbolically lovin’ Satans fallen cohort.

The Fine Gael TD said he did not have “the exact details” of where the group slept on Friday night, but said the refugees had been “linked up” with non-governmental organisations.

If there was ever a “we made it up” statement (as this is comms) that has to be one.

Because, if you believe this, then the real numbers are not chaos and not disappointing, but it looks like chaos tbf.

Over 58,000 people are now being accommodated, of whom 42,000 are Ukrainians. This figure compares with 7,250 at the same time last year.

58,000 - 42,000 leaves 16,000 somebodies, because out of the 42,000 Ukrainian’s somehow there were 33 too many, so if they are part of the 16,000 other, that means 15,967 others from anywhere else in the world where housed, so the Irish state all told with was left with an unaccommodated total of 33 males from Ukraine meaning the Regime has successfully accommodated 99.94% of the 58,000, which we are told is disappointing, because we couldn’t find a coach or something to put the 33 lads over night.

In conclusion

Regime does not want to scream about it’s massive success housing 58,000 not-iris in less than 8 months because that would look bad since they are suppose to be the are-Irish government working for the Irish people and have sat on the real problems, thus we are told there are 300,000 secretly homeless or something like that.

Second, the 33 number has nothing to do with literal reality (what ever the reality actually is) and is a signature command and control comms.


Now the angle in the media is pretend Chaos, oh woe us me says the LARP we are under so much pressure, no room at the inn bath blah blah… even though they have all-your-base-belong-to-us legislation in the back pocket since 2015.

Nope, they have categorically made it clear many years in advance, they want this, they want all of this, they want 1 million and then 10 million not-irish, by hook or by crook.

What they absolutely do not want, is for example, 300,000 actually-irish appearing in their LARP space, on their LARP TV.

The LARP do not like political immigrants in their space they can not human traffic away.

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They’ve identified 4000 empty buildings around the country to accommodate refugees. If there isn’t a direct provision center in your town already there soon will be.


111 Plantation Centres per Dáil constituency. :icon_beer:

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Stunning and brave

… and the 33 number is made up , as in it’s comms.

What’s going on here.

Cause it’s interesting how Menace asset RTE is now focusing on men now or did I miss earlier reportage?

Dwyer got their first and showed the reality of what is going on.

Is it Normalisation?

Of hordes men arriving (can’t be hid no more). More men. Endless. Virtually endless supply of people, men peoples. The ones somehow not conscripted. The ones not standing with their own country. Feel sorry for them. Who knows what’s actually going on.

When it is closed tomorrow, Merchants Quay Ireland is where Department Officials are suggesting homeless refugees and asylum seekers should go for food.

IIRC Merchants quay serves the walking dead aka the local “druggies”, it can be rough at times around there and very filthy. There is a beautiful Roman Catholic Church of the Immaculate conception right beside it with plenty of room to bed down i the aisles.


Hiqa also conducted an inspection of some of the nursing homes being used, according to a briefing paper presented to the July board meeting, with “preliminary findings” suggesting there was no impact on the residents’ quality of life.

That’s reassuring. Also this:

"The Department is not in negotiations with any operational nursing home. The Department will only contract with disused nursing homes for the provision of accommodation,” the spokesman said.

“The Department is engaging with the Department of Health and the HSE to ensure that only disused nursing homes are used for accommodation.”

:three: :three: ° :hot_face:

…Asked whether he knew the exact numbers of refugees being told there is no accommodation, Mr Martin replied: “Thirty-three is the number I have now and I believe some have gone back to the airport.”

Archived link: archive.ph

Solved :white_check_mark:

RTE interviewed some of the men at the airport. 1 of them didn’t want to show his face or give his full name so the camera work for the interview with him was from the side/back…his name is Amir and he didn’t sound or look Ukranian from what I could make out.
But RTE said he was a Ukranian so it must be so

Problem, Reaction Solution

With Number 33 at the top - the mockery and pitiful setup rolled out in the media since end of last week, finally acknowledging the IreladnIsfull truth, the awkward truth is grasped, past the point of relevance, as always, when they want something, you’re freedom your stuff, whatever it is they want it bad and will do anything to get it and so we have the Monday reveal.

They are coming for the empties - All Your Empties Belong To Us - Monday 24th October, 2022

Very disappointing.

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