33 Wooddale Crescent, Firhouse, D24. -165K (-24%)

“Forget the Estate Agents; deal directly with the owners”… “was priced at €650,000 last year”

Now 495K.

Delusion is alive and well.


Went POA for a week.

Now 450k.

Obviously direct selling isn’t working so well for this vendor. Or maybe it’s the price.

Now up with an EA at… 450k.


What’s wrong with the price? Nearly 1/2 million quid for a house in Firhouse. Sounds sensible to me. Now… where’s my tablets?

Back on the market with Castles.

Edit: oops sorry, 349K not 400K.


link says 350K at the moment.

if streetview is correct, it has a bad case of attachedness for a detached house

Now 339K.

Now €320K

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 24/2271574

320 with Tom Mahers now

I looked at this … good size house, good potential. Anyone know much about the area and what would be a realistic price?

It’s a grand area in general, but obviously everywhere there are street to street considerations.

It seems to be sale agreed anyway now according to daft.

What’s it worth?

Probably rent for about 1,300 a month, so somewhere between 220K and 280K depending on your viewpoint.

I’d suggest 250 given that standard 3 bed semis in the area were being had for about 200. 50K premium for the extra bedroom and garage/extension.

Sale agreed.

Did you buy it Kamikaze?

Yeah I did in the end … thanks for the advice.

That’s great congratulations!

Are you going to make us wait for the entry in the property price register? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sold for €302,500 as per the price register.