333 Templeogue Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6w (-300k, -33%)

Was €895k

Now €750k

Was €562/sq ft
Now €471/sq ft


Now [*595k * (https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/333-templeogue-road-templeogue-dublin-6w/127416)

-300k or -33%

now sale agreed


Also on the EA board outside the gaff

Nice gate

I like my 600 grand house to come with photos. I’m out.

It is only a short walk to Templogue Village or Rathfarnham shopping centre. You also have Bushy park 5 mins away. On the downside it is a mad busy road. I can’t see any justification for more than €300 per sq ft.

I walk past this place on a weekly basis, the place is a wreck. It needs a major refit, you’d be looking at 6 figures to do that

Sale agreed again.
Last advertised price 595k

Now “SOLD” according to the sign outside.

back up post refurb asking 795K


Not a hope in hell at that price.

333 Templeogue Road
Date of Sale:03/08/2010
Price: €492,500.00


Clicked second picture and immediately…who the hell installs spotlights in a living room? I still don’t get the fad with having tens of spotlights in a house, our apartment has around 20 in the hall/living/kitchen and we use them maybe once a week. Not just that, they can be exceedingly ugly when not recessed properly, and prone to popping quickly if not installed with enough ventilation and space behind the fitting.

€492k proves how totally screwed up the market still is.