333 Templeogue Road

m.myhome.ie/residential/brochur … 6w/4098033

We’re looking at this…seems to have been bought and sold a couple of times over the last few years. They have done a decent job on the renovation. I note that No 325 went for €1m per the Register but can’t find any further details.

Have people any thoughts on the area and the overall proposition?

Many thanks in advance.

Per the PPR
400k** 11/10/16
492.5k 03/08/10

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So it was asking 795k post refurb in Feb 2013 and now stands at 975k.

Very busy junction and so probably a lot of noise from the traffic. But close to Templeogue village.
I like the refurb…the kitchen/living room is a good size. It’s a big house and comes in at €453 per sq ft but that looks to me to be the going rate in and around this area of Sth Dublin these days

looks a nice refurb and 450 a sq foot seems about right

Thank you All.

It does look like they did a nice job.

€450 a square foot for that spec finish in that area seems good to me.