337 Harold's Cross Road, D6W (-25k, -3.85%)


Really nice looking house. Major con is bathroom is through the kitchen (only a toilet upstairs) so everyone would have to walk through the kitchen in their towel! I could live with the small back garden but probably not this. Upstairs does have a loo so I presume it’s possible to put a shower up there?? Seems like a major design error considering it looks like a good deal of money was spent of the house

Very busy rd a few feet outside your front door.
No parking
The bathroom issue as you mentioned
No backgarden
3 bedrooms

All for 625k asking.

Don’t sell yourself short Sala…stay strong!

Lol! Never mind selling myself short, no-one will be selling me anything at that price bracket, no matter how much they or I wanted to.! :-GC

That bathroom issue is very strange considering the size of the house, did you view it? If not I would not be suprised it the wc room upstairs did not have a shower.

That has got to be a contender for worst value house. I don’t agree at all that it is ‘really nice looking’ - smacks of a half done renovation and redecoration job to me in the photos. Look at the appliances in the kitchen (either cheapest of cheap or old, hard to tell) and the Des Kelly carpet in pic 7. Plus a tiny yard, no parking, busy road, blaa area (nothing wrong with Harolds Cross and Dublin 6W/12; its much grander than where I live in Dublin 8 and I’d be perfectly happy to live there but it is not as objectively attractive and smart as most of Dublin 6, so shouldn’t be priced as though it is) and, you say, no upstairs bathroom.

Think about it. 625k - without equity from a former house or other independent wealth, you’d need to have saved a deposit of over 120k and be earning up towards 200k a year. But you wouldn’t expect a bathroom for that?

No I didn’t but down the bottom of the ad are “videos” and you can scroll around each room and yes the upsatirs WC is a tiny tiny room with a loo and a sink. That’s what I found so surprising.