33rd Dail Watch


Certainly an eventful opening few days for the current Govt.

Cowens offence is fairly innocuous in the greater scheme of things. Plus he didnt try and ‘fix’ it etc.

The suspicion must be that the vultures are circling for Martin with elements within both his own party and the media waiting for their chance.

Youd have to wonder how long this Govt will last given the potential economic tsunami that may present in the Autumn.

Edit - thread title changed as something tells me this Government is likely to provide a hatful of ‘events’


It’s a trifle compared to Roderic O’Gorman. Imagine a Thatchell supporter as your minister of children.

Welcome to Satanism.




Not just in FF that there is simmering discontent

’I beat the two of them’ - Michael Ring hits out at Leo Varadkar and Paschal Donohoe

After he was not reappointed as a senior or junior minister, Mr Ring criticised the two Fine Gael politicians for the vote they received.

Speaking to MidWest Radio, the Mayo TD said he received 15,000 first preference votes in Mayo and was the only Fine Gael TD to be elected on the first count .

“Leo Varadkar himself only got 8,000 votes and it took him five counts to get elected and Paschal Donohoe and himself between the two of them got 12,000 votes and I beat the two of them together,” he said.

“There is a new breed of Fine Gael TDs – they come in fast and they go out fast and they don’t look after their constituents,” he added.

Mr Ring said he was “born into Fine Gael” and accused unnamed people of using the organisation as a “party of convenience”.

The long serving TD said he was “very disappointed” not to be reappointed to Cabinet after his election result.

“I felt I had done a very good job, set up a new department, it was a department that was doing very well and it at least showed that the government cared about rural Ireland. What happened last Saturday and again yesterday, this government certainly, certainly doesn’t think much of rural Ireland,” he said.



Ah no. Defamation cases aren’t my thing you know. Now move along.


When the penny drops and you realize the party you’ve supported for 50 years is now full Globohomo.

He went too many funerals and not enough Kylie concerts.


Bye Barry.https://m.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/barry-cowen-sacked-as-minister-in-wake-of-drink-driving-controversy-39368471.html


You can have Boland but you cant have Fianna Fail :slight_smile:

Cowen comes out swinging…this isnt over yet


Not a TD but high profile Green jumps ship


And climate justice means an end to capitalism:

I wonder if the poor turnout in the Green leadership election are a result of apathy among the extremist fringe in the greens and if this fringe are now about to split from the party? A Judean Peoples Front v’s Peoples Front of Judea type of scenario.


The never elected McHugh had left the green party, she doesn’t believe that the path “to a just and free society lies in electoral politics”.

But she’s quick to call others fascists.


Gang of FFers vote against FG nomination in secret ballot


Barry’s Gang.


Or Catherine Martin’s gang. This government is not long for this world


It was Barzini all along


When do they qualify for pensions ?


It was 2 years, not sure if this has been changed. Unless FF and the Greens get their minions in line this coalition hasn’t a hope of reaching that milestone.


More pot stirring from previously important but currently disgruntled FF backbenchers.

Is this just posturing over relatively minor matters, or will they jump ship when a serious issue comes along?

Or is there is going to be a heave?

The current situation cannot continue indefinitely, someone will have to climb down.


I’d say Willie is just finding it hard not being able to go to 3/4 funerals a day, I knew for certain that my father was truly dead when he didn’t sit up out of the coffin to tell Willie to get out when he arrived at the undertakers. He also would be one of the most trenchant against the coalition with FG, holding a deep visceral hatred, dunno if he was in Barrys gang but he’s definitely not a fan of any FF leader that put them in coalition with FG. Maybe he’ll be thrown a bone of some sort to keep his mouth shut. His seat is safe though, one thing he’s very very good at is getting reelected.


You were spot on with your observation of an ingrained “militancy” within the young greens, but I was thinking, generationally probably more “petulance”, immaturity meets cyberspace socialisation which feeds on the retention of infantilism - 'cause the real world ain’t as frictionless and all-loving +1 as the latest social-(control)-app