34 North Frederick Street eviction.

34 North Fredrick St - everything you know/find about it this is the thread.

One man’s ‘attacking and evicting’ is another man’s ‘removing on foot of a court order’

I’m asserting that I’m acquainted with professional people, some of whom who have children in tow, who are at their wits end on the basis of them not being able to secure a place to live. Some have been forced to move home on more than one occasion over the past three years due to rent increases and other issuews with landlords.

I’m further asserting that such persons are past caring about the property rights of persons who appear intent on hoarding land and vacant premises across the city.

Make of this what you will but Ive a sense of where this is headed

That could be the case. Is there a court order in play? If you or anyone can dig and find something in that respect please post here.

thejournal.ie/overreaction-t … 1-Sep2018/

Of course a forced eviction is exactly what they were after and then the appropriate politicians (sinn fein especially, the irony) can get on their soapbox about the eviction, how heavy handed it was, etc etc

Thanks for that. So some more question that spring to mind with some answers from the linked article:

How long were they in the property?

How long did it take to get the court order?

Who owns the building?

These are all interesting questions considering the very slack culture of eviction to date. Don’t you think? :angry:

Some answers from the article:

Here is a TBTC Facebook page

apparently they occupied on August 17th according to IT

irishtimes.com/news/social- … -1.3626087

court order takes 11 days and then 14 days later they are evicted having ignored the court order.

seems fair enough

What is the point of this nonsense? Are they just shaming the McGreal family or is there something sinister going on ?

It’s all about optics.

The odd thing is, there appear to be a lot of people willing to protest.
And they have support of people with money.

Can the two groups not come together and build ?
The protesters can put in the labour and their wealthy benefactors the money.

god only knows, the sum total of what they have found out is that the owners live in ballsbridge (or at least the owner is using a siblings address), the brother was involved in an insurance business, his wife had a maiden name before she got married and and and… not much else,


I assume they’re seeking to draw attention to a connection between the McGreal family and balaclava-clad, weapon-wielding thugs who (the assumption must be) the family employed to clear a vacant property of a bunch of crusties…Im assuming thats the intent ie to seek to shame them in some way…

I see, but the family was very unlikely to call to the local Hare Krishna’s to ask them to enforce the evictions.

Well as ever these days, PR is paramount.

This story is circulating across social media and the optics are very bad. Quite sinister to anyone looking at the pics. So the activist group are in the process of winning a victory of sorts.

Nontheless, regardless of the legal rights and wrongs and our opinion of the individuals involved (as well as their politics) there is a broader issue of genuine lack of housing in Dublin. And at the same time, numerous properties are lying vacant. As I suggested earlier Im getting a sense that many people who wouldnt normally be the constituency associated with this type of protest are sympathetic to actions such as this on the basis that they themselves are bearing the brunt of the State’s dysfunctional housing market/lack of policy around the issue generally. Many peoples lives have been on hold to a degree for a long time now and there is no sense that its likely to end anytime soon.

C’mon that’s really a strawman in reply to a clarification - let’s not everyone, lose the run of ourselves. It’s not as if someone has argued we use feather dusters to tickle them out of their state of occupational ire or some such nonsense to move them. You’re looking at what appears to be a political protest, maybe a small movement, that considering the topic could become a big movement someday. It’s always to play for. What’s so hard to understand?

Further is it so hard to fantom in the context?

I guess some people are still easily bemused and can’t imagine why the issue of property/housing and having somewhere stable to live in Ireland would be such a potentially contentious issues.

Perhaps an article like this helps to clarify the motivations and the political nature the people involved.

Such sentiments are in line with the many years of threads expressing same or similar frustrations over the life time of this forum.

If they are “idiots” then we’re all “idiots” fighting over the how and what but never truly addressing the why, means we all remain idiots don’t ya think?

Comments on Thejournal.ie and Reddit were pretty supportive of the eviction.

Irish Times correspondent made it sound very sinister. “masked men” - given the doxxing on Social Media above it’s hardly surprising

What weapons?? Haven’t seen anything so far about weapons.

Hoarding vacant property in a city with a property crisis (and elsewhere) at the detriment of society is just wrong. I’m all for taxing the crap out of vacant/derelict property/sites after a certain amount of time passed.

thats fair enough and you are entitled to your opinion, but thats a long way from illegally occupying.

The States ultimate recourse is force and nothing else to consolidate it’s authority. That can be revoked by an over-powering force. Originating from one or both Internal or external sources.

So what’s your point in the wider context?

Keep in mind that constitutional amendments have occurred to make law argued and won on such counter points to yours, if I am understanding your points correctly.

whats my point?

My point is that i support any measure used to evict these freeloaders from someone elses property.