341 Sutton Park?

sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/3-bed … &ST=8&pc=1

This house is in pristine condition ( see link above ). Everything done to it…full renovated, big downstairs extension, attic conversion, front and rear garden landscaped…

Is it worth the asking of 500K ? All opinions welcome.

it backs directly onto the DART line. Fine interior job though and a good family home.

I’d imagine that the DART would be very noisy.

Much overlooked at the front. Those evergreens in the back are supposed to be very unhealthy.

Much of the asking is for the finish that suited somebody else, do you really like it as much as they must?

I wouldn’t pay 500k for it, nor even 400k, but I imagine that others will.

Private Tennant: very good point re the decor…definitely paying dear for somebody else’s taste.
The trees at the back is a minor issue. Would have them gone in a day if they really that bad… could replace them with high trellis and creeper. The dart noise not deal breaker either…there’s no diesel trains on that line from howth junction to howth. Only electrified train so not that noisy. No more so than a truck on the road out front every 15 mins. They stop at 1130.
As for the overlooked at the front issue you refer to.There is a line of houses on the opposite side of the road…is this not the case with the majority of urban homes? I’m not looking at this house with rose tinted glasses… just trying to be objective.

Have to say that the first thing that came to mind when I looked at the photos was ‘cognitive dissonance’

Perfectly nice, fairly bland suburban semi from the outside, strange Celtic tiger southfork ranch bling on the inside. You’d be paying way over the odds for decor that, even if it is to your liking, seems to me to suit another type, size and location of house altogether.


Yes, the trees can be removed but it’s a costly procedure…I wouldn’t want a truck passing my house at all, let alone every 15 mins or so until well after bedtime. As for its being overlooked, yes, this is common in an urban area, but at 500k, I’d rather be overlooked by something that is nice to look out at and those other houses don’t look that nice to me. Still, it’s all a matter of preferences…