35,000,000 bricks for sale

Dungannon brickmaker axing 62 jobs

The biggest brick manufacturer in Ireland has fallen victim to the slump in house-building and its workforce was told today that all but a handful of them are to be made redundant.

Union officials were called in by Tyrone Brick in Dungannon to be told 95% of the 65-strong unionised workforce was to be paid off.

Betting on a swift upturn in house building - and losing - the company had kept production going at its three sites in the Co Tyrone town and built up a massive stockpile of 35 million bricks. It has nowhere to put any more…

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How many houses is 35m bricks.

Average 5-7 per sq/ft

5 -7 per/sq foot. You mean shoebox apartments?

Oh a puzzle, let me try.
Very very roughly.
1000sq ft house. 2 Floors = 500sq ft per floor.
square root of 500 = 22.36
22.36 x 4walls = 89.44.
89.44 x say 20ft high house = 1788.8.
x 6 bricks per sq ft = 10,732.80
Divided into 35m is 3261 Houses.

So to answer your question, circa 1000 to 10000 houses. :smiley:


Thats an intresting calculation, but most estate houses only have the front faced in brick, and are semi d. The rest is rendered.

So 22.36118*6= 2415 bricks per house
or enough for 35,000,000/2415= 14,492 houses.

Still seems a lot of bricks for a standard house.

Any brickies on line?

How long is a piece of string?

Bricks can be exported, albeit not in the present climate obviously.

Aren’t most of the Dublin brick houses built in the 1800s from England?

I remember Frank McDonald saying years ago that Dublin was about granite not brick.

I thought they were from Sandymount, previously know as Brickfield before the residents voted for a name change.


I sit corrected

Many of the bricks in Cork are from Holland.
The reason is that when a ship goes from one port to another, but only brings stuff one way (e.g. from Cork to Holland) it must fill up on something on the way back as the ship is designed to always carry a certain weight. Bricks were cheap ballast and easily stackable.