35, 37 & 39 North Circular Road, Dublin 7 (-26%)

#35 was 1,150,000

Now 850,000


#37 was 1,150,000

Now 850,000


#39 was 1,150,000

Now 950,000


Original prices here


39 North Circular Road just dropped 450k → 425k (down 725k, or 63%, from 1150k)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2991931

I saw this last week. No offers. Bank sale.
Fire damage in basement. A bit of damp. Needing 100k of work to make it a nice home (is my uneducated guess).
I reckon it will sell for 350 to 400.

Hah! While looking at 273/275/277 NCR this time last year (when the asking prices started at 220k) I had my surveyor look. Tanking the ground floor (all those steps leak), rebuilding the roof, redoing the sash windows and fixing the lime grouting would swallow most of the 100k before one would even start making it a nice home inside… That said, I think this area will be lovely when gentrified.

I am curious as to why you think this area will gentrified …the last time gentry lived here was around 1900? that said I love the area.

Dublin has a very small amount of period red brick housing. I seem to recall a director of Sherry Fitzgerald saying around 4,500 of them. Most of the south-side red brick areas have been gentrified (for instance Rathmines, Ranelagh,Potobello).

There was a time when no decent middle class people would look at most of Rathmines, and there was a proposal to level the whole of Portobello from Kevin Street to the canal, and Candem st to Clanbrassil street as the house where considered beyond economic repair, and it was seen as a bit of a slum.

Gentrification appears to come about in well located central area with good period housing stock, that is cheap compared to more established areas. Typically young but poor hispsters (actors, artists, etc) start the process,having been forced out of other areas, and are followed by the more courageous but dull middle class. Eventually prices rise and the young but poor cool people move on.

The NCR is ripe for this now, hardly anywhere left on the south side red brick belt. The biggest problem the NCR has is the number of problematic public housing estates nearby.