35 Hermitage Park, Rathfarnham (-75k, -11.1%)

Was 675k

Now 599,950
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/2274163
3000 ft² / 278.71 m²
€200/sq ft

Any would be purchaser would seem to get a decent amount of space for their dosh, all relative of course…

Not the most attractive looking house and garden not enormous relative to house size but overall must be approaching value for some

After say, 150 sqm - are people going to assign a value to additional space? There must be a very, very small niche of buyer who’s willing to pay a significant premium to get a 6bed 280sqm house in Rathfarnham.

I agree that it’s a niche market but I am not sure the premium being asked is that high - if you say 250 psf for a 1800 square ft house you get to around 450K. So you are paying another 125K or so for the extra 1000 or so square ft, assuming the house goes for around 575 .

Does not seem the worst and there are a few families with a gaggle of kids looking for something like this

would you need planning permission to pebble dash the outside of this house, given that it is detached?

would this be a mammoth undertaking?

it would be a vast improvement IMO

Now at €550k - a little surprised that this hasn’t gone at this - anyone know any details? sale fall through, area not great, long walk to the shops? :slight_smile:

it’s got a new link on myhome

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/2489359

I suppose thats 1 way of having to not show previous price drops

I’m suprised with this too. Nice estate and no obvious drawbacks with the house other than those pointed out. I guess it might need a fair few quid spent on it too but looks like value compared to other stuff around the area

Actually, just on what you posted, am I going nuts or have I started noticing that when I check ‘Latest Price Changes’ on myhome, properties that I have noticed before appear to being disappeared, only to reappear in “Recently Added”?

Is there some way that EAs can do a new listing of a previously listed house to avoid being listed as a house that has had x price drops of x amount - to leave potential buyers clueless that the house which is now freshly “recently added” has been on sale for 5 years and nobody will touch it with a bargepole because [fill.in.reason.]? Or do I need to sit down and breathe a little…

Presumably all they’d have to do would be to re-upload the property, rather than adjust the price of the existing listing. The reduction in price triggers the addition to the property price drop list, whereas just adding a new property with a reduced price wouldn’t get it on the list I’d imagine.

Does this make the ‘Latest Price Changes’ section redundant in the long run, as more EAs cop that re-listing completely won’t track price changes?

Offer of 500k on house according to EA

fek off…another new link to their ad
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/2519617
This is just plain ridiculous and says a lot about the integrity and morals of myhome.ie

And they’ve upped the price by 25k to 575k!!! I take it that the 500k bid mentioned above must have been bettered to get close to the new asking they’ve decided on

the integrity and morals of myhome.ie

those words don’t make any sense in the same sentence

According to EA had gone sale ageed at 530 and fell through last week.

Sold! 530k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-83707/

Looks like value to me.