35 Rowan Hall, Millbrook Court, Milltown (-185k, -31%)

Was 580k


Now 540k


Now 485k


Total drop of 95k or 16%

That is pretty ugly :frowning:

Sq. Feet: 1140.97 @ €485k

€425 per sq ft

Not worth half that.

It may be an ugly 70’s block…but it is a decent size (90sq m for 2 bed) and has a fully separate kitchen. Not many newly built apartments can boast that.

Now €395k:

Hmmm, sq footage appears to have shrunk too :confused: Still, as JackWade says, it does have a separate kitchen, and it has a separate study. In need of updating, No BER

90 Sq. Metres (968 Sq. Feet) @ €395k

€408 per sq ft