35 Summer Street North, D1 (-370k, -61.7%)

Was 600k, 560k, 525k, 500k
treesdontgrowtothesky.com/se … Dublin%201,

Now 400k

400k for a 5bed I know it’s segmented into apartments but that’s still not bad for D1…

Probably only a 4-bed if laid out as a family home.

Do some of the “self-contained units” not even have WCs, or is the EA being lazy?

Now 350k.
-250k, -41.67%

Do you know where this is? i wouldn’t live there in a fit.it’s not worth €100k

An expensive property in the heart of north inner city Dublin, I went to school near here and its dodgy even in daylight

Now 340k
-260k, 43.3%

Back to 400k
The recovery is underway!

It’s near Ballybough/Summerhill. I’m from the south inner city, and I wouldn’t go through that place at night if you paid me.


Then 340k, 320k, and now 310k

Now 299k

-301k, -50%

Now €275k


And on it goes.


Any pinster who thinks this might be a good idea when it hits 50k -think again.
If anyone with children is offered it as a present -refuse it.


and back on sale, still at €250,000

Another drop to 230k
165 Sq. Metres (1,776 Sq. Feet)
€129/sq foot


Now €205,000, ahem -66%

Lovely area. I’ve taken to cycling quite close past it. The other day one of the houses on Sean O’Casey avenue had about 15-20 youths sitting outside the front and beside the road lounging about. Today there was a group of 6-8 year olds playing in debris that was dumped outside one of the seemingly abandoned buildings on Great Charles St. The building is locked up but youngsters are quite enterprising like that.

It isn’t worth 20% of asking.

It is quite worthless as a habitation.

Some possibility as a storage unit if you have a million to try and secure it and do collections and deliveries in an armoured vehicle. Even then I would resist it