35 Woodside Drive, Castlepark, Rathfarnham (-900k, -51.4%)


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rk/1285281

now asking 1M
-42% since this went on the market earlier this year.


I figure that this is still well overpriced or am I missing somthing

now asking 850K

-51% in the last 6 months or so.

I believe they have an offer of €750k.

i’d be surprised if this doesn’t shift with this asking. 750K for a renovated detached house on that road? Not a chance…

Sale Agreed:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1285281

interesting that this shifted before the one across the road myhome.ie/1768431

It didn’t, the other one is SA a while but not updated on the websites. Went for somewhere in the region of 100K over asking I’m told.

I believe €940k

the 750 was for #35.
the 940 was for #20.

Initial offer on #20 was €750k and finished at 940k

i viewed #20 a few days after it went on the market and there was an offer of 850 on it at that stage.

No 20: came on the market 2-3 months. The first offer received on the house was €750k and eventually finished at €940k

No. 35: I believe it is sale agreed at €750k. (but I am not as familiar with that house)

I asked about these & mentioned what prices i read on here to someone again in the loop.

And he said those 2 figures mentioned on here are way above what they actually sold for.

This sounds like a job for the PRSA property database or pistols at dawn to sort it out.

I was told early on it had offers of 850K & went for almost 100K over asking, unless the EA was misrepresenting and selling to her own siblings, which I doubt.
There are good prices being achieved for large houses at the moment in Dublin, must be all those 1,500 teachers trading up from their Liam Carroll apartments 8DD .

As somebody who was very much in the loop #20 went sale agreed for €940k.

any quotes on what it would take to fix it up landlord?

i reckoned ~300K.

1.2M for a finished house on that stretch of road is worth noting. Houses along there were bought as sites for 3-4M in the past decade (ie house was knocked and rebuilt after paying 3-4M for original).

So the bottom won’t go below €1.2M for a decent house on that road based on that transaction, that will disappoint a lot of would be buyers around here.

sale agreed link for #20