36 Prospect Heights, Rathfarnham (-161k, -29%)

I lived in Prospect in 2007-2009 as the market was tanking. I walked around the estate and counted 24 houses for sale, only a few ever sold and the rest were eventually taken back down. Perhaps people were resigned to the fact that they wouldnt be trading up after all. I agree, the transport system is brutal out there, never again.

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60k Less
Same estate - similar looking house!

12 Prospect Heights now 324,950

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1618645

No. 36 Is still listed at 399!

12 Prospect Heights now 304,950

It says 309,950 in the ad?

12 Prospect Heights was definitely asking 304,950
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now up to 309,950
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12 Prospect Heights
Date of Sale: 22/06/2012
Price: €292,000.00

36 Prospect Heights: 425k → 410k
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