37 Deer Park Road Mount Merrion (-1,095k; -64%)


Typical 3 semi-detached house with an extension for 600k! Was 625k since Jan 2012.

Still some way to go… even in Mount Merrion…

Was it really on sale for 1,695,000 in 2008 as Irish Property Watch suggests? My God…

One photo and this is the totality of the description:

Hooke and McDonald - they haven’t gone away you know.

If you wanted an unofficial view you could go for a walk in the Deerpark - you can see in the back windows from the walking path!

Lovely location. If I was to live in MM this is where I’d want to be, near the shops, with a view of the bay and the park over the back wall.

For real??? If there is one road you do NOT want to live on in MM it’s Deer Park Road- an if you’ve EVER been on it you 'd know why! :angry:

“Park over the back wall”, lovely by day ( if you don’t mind being overlooked!) by night can sometimes be full of less than wholesome folk ’ having a few bevvies’ who once shouted at my 6 month old to " shut the f*^#k up, we’re trying to drink here!", when she was crying in her bedroom backing on to the park.
Wrong side of the road for any decent view of the bay IMO, unless you climb up to the chimney top!

I HAVE been on it, lived next door long time back but Minerva correct perhaps for some of reasons above!
That said, some very good memories of the place and lots of good stuff within walking distance!

Fair point about nightime park activity. I hadn’t thought of that.

I don’t understand Minvera’s cryptic post though. I like Deer Park road, seems a nice spot to live