37 Lansdowne Park, Knocklyon (-95k, -18%)

was 520k
collapso.dyndns.org/JavaHost/ser … id=1464793

3 drops since August 11 have now seen it fall to 425k in the last few days
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1464793

approaching a price i’d be interested in and an area i’d be interested in.

any experts on here who can work out it’s size from the dimensions given?

Ok lazyboy, for the 8 rooms given, it’s 991 sq.ft. Doesn’t include kitchen and bathroom. Plucking average areas for those and another 5% for other internal spaces you might be talking 1,150 to 1,300 sq. ft.

For a five bed that means they’ve crammed in at least one room too many.

I think there might be a bit of mistake with dimensions on myhome. It looks spacious enough from outside and looking at pics. The sitting room width must be same as dining room so rather than 16’3"x6’10" it should read 16’3"x12’3"? That gives another 100 sq ft. I would guesstimate this at a 1500sq ft allowing for Kitchen which looks a decent size, bathroom common areas.

The bedroom sizes look ok from dimensions provided. So not a huge 5 bed and no ensuite but each of the single bedrooms are decent enough size for a child’s room.

It’s really annoying when EAs don’t provide floor plans and can’t be bothered giving overall size. And then f**k up the dimensions… :unamused:

These houses from memory are better proportioned than one might expect from an idenitikit semi-d. They were built c. 1980 I think, so a slightly different era to nowadays.

Anyone any idea of what this house might be worth/sell for in the current market?

Also a little concerned of the nearby halting site, it looks well kept but has anyone had any issues that lives around here?

Only issue with the halting site is they occasionally dump rubbish over the back wall of the halting site onto the path alongside the Dodder. Other than that, no bother with them and you’re more likely to be bothered by Roma’s and Jehova Witnesses knocking door to door than itinerants.

…for now, but who knows what the future may bring


I was thinking more along the lines of People before Profit :sick:

Just heard from a buddy of mine that was bidding on this house and his dealings with the EA sound very wrong and odd!

They met the EA last week who advised them they were about to go sale agreed on an offer of 385K and that the vendors were now in the region of the money they wanted. My buddy puts in an offer of 3K more, the EA says he’ll be back to him quickly and then never calls and ignores my buddy’s calls for a week. The EA eventually answered his phone yesterday evening and tells him the offer was refused last week straight away and my buddy is like why didn’t you advise me of that as he has been waiting to hear and the EA says mix up in communication???

According to the EA the vendors aren’t even interested in offers of 390K now. Either this EA is playing a very dangerous game selling this house or the owners aren’t serious about selling. The whole situation seems very odd.

Some positive news in the papers about rising asking prices, suddenly the vendor thinks they can get the 425k?

I think somebody needs to explain to both the EA and Vendor that rising asking prices doesn’t mean increased actual prices. I have only seen one property in SCD achieve over its asking in the last two years. Very little stock on the market at the moment and the majority of stock coming on is better too. Time will tell!

385k = circa 10% below asking price…the vendors should bite your mates arm off. their loss

I would have thought so too, I wonder if the EA even gave the vendor the offer. Then To leave a potential buyer hanging one week if the offer was declined straight away is so unprofessional and rude. Can’t understand why the EA wouldn’t call within a few days to try and get the offer up. There is something about it that stinks!

EA’s are useless and inept IMO…so don’t read too much into it

Had a similar experience as your friend last year, wasted 4 months only to find Vendor was not bothered to sell unless we reached his price (30k more than we had bid). House came off market. EA knew this but strung us along. House we bought eventually took 3 weeks to go sale agreed. €385k is good price so I would tell your friend to confront the EA for the truth or walk away. Plenty more fish in the sea …

New house up in lansdowne park no: 85.

Anyone any thoughts?

Does anyone know is this on the main road?

It is the main road and the EA selling it is useless. There is a house nearly the exact same about 100 metres up the road on the same side priced at €350k which hasn’t sold so why the EA thinks this is worth anything near the €390k asking price is beyond me.

Pricedrop on the house 100 metres up the road on the same side (5 Knocklyon Road) is now reduced from €349,950 to €300,000:

propertyselector.com/propdet … expid=2219

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/1616447

Makes this agents recent listing on the same main road at €390,000 laughable:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1876214

37 Lansdowne Park is now removed from Daft & Myhome.

It will be interesting to see if it appears back on the market with another EA.