37 Mt Merrion Avenue, Blackrock (-575k,-16.5%)

Withdrawn from auction in March 07 at 3.5m (link).

Went up to 3.75m, now down to 3.3m.


This was 1.296m in 2003 according to this

They could well have spent in excess of €1m renovating this though.


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Apologies. I had search for “mount merrion” rather than “mt merrion”.

Not necessarily. It’s not a well-known fact but auctioneers have the right to bid on a property up to its reserve price (which only they and the sellers know). They have to stop before the reserve price is reached and hope that some suckers from the floor will pitch in and take it from there.

That said, there are fine, professional Irish auction houses out there who don’t go in for phantom bidding.

In case anyone wants to dispute this please don’t bother, I’ve been going to auctions for years, am friends with some professional dealers and I know the score. I’ve seen plenty of examples of this in certain Irish auction houses.

Or you could read this article:

parkinsonsappeal.com/pdfs/Th … pt2007.pdf