37 Premier Square, Finglas (-10k)

Was 345K



I always said that the strains in the market would show up in places like these. Investors can drop further than the others selling. Another place has also come on the market for 335K undercutting the average of 345K. Note the wording of this property…
"Opportunity to acquire this competitively priced 2 bed apartment "

Expect some to be selling for 240K by end of summer.

Where exactly is that? I don’t know Finglas all that well but drove through it last night for one reason or another.

Its just before the 24hr Tesco…

Gotcha. It’d probably be the blocks I drove past last night thinking "they really should have planned those as streets and squares rather than in a walled complex…

Now, that would be something.

But I really don’t see how a tentative 10k price drop could possible extrapolate into a 100k by September.

I might consider it at 240K…

but not 300K plus

Because you are looking at it wrong. What you have to be able to do is go forward to Sept and ask how they could have been that price in February.

They are only worth 240K (at most…) at this moment…its just that the market is slowing correcting itself to the true market value.

As sure as Nokia is going to get savaged by the iphone this is what is going to happen.

I’d ban iPhones to be honest with you. They look horrible.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at houses for a long time and wondering how they could be worth the money they are now. That being said, I think TUG has a point - while I don’t think too many two bedroomed apartments in north Dublin are worth in excess of 300K, a lot depends on how compelled people are to sell…And if Finglas crashes down to 240K per your conviction, I’m interested to see what that will do to Swords which was still demonstrating growing asking prices according to the DAFT report last week (although I think they’re stagnant at best myself, anecdotally).

Better get used to them. They are gonna be everywhere next year. If it were not for the uncertainty over the dollar i’buy into apple shares

I forecast that people will stop changing their phones every five minutes the minute they start feeling poor…

Yes but what if you could make phone calls (using VoIP) for one-tenth or less of the current price and you were not to worried about the voice quality. Could envisage millions of teenagers abandoning their GSM phones for a device that is a iPod and a very cheap phone.

yes but teenagers are going to be kind of poverty stricken if their parents are.

PlayStations for Christmas will be a thing of the past. It’ll be back to an Enid Blyton book and a tangerine, maybe, if you’re lucky.

Hit the nail on the head. Especially with more free WIFI access points (dublin currently doing an analysis on this) you will be able to talk for free using VoIP. You see phones as we know it will be replaced by hand-held computer devices…the iphone.

Supposedly a load of the Telecoms companies are working on a new search rival to google to capture ad revenue. They may offer cheap calls from their devices if you use their search engine.

Ever get a feeling you’ve gone offtopic… 8)

mweh…not my fault. :unamused:

A year on, still trying to find a buyer at 335k

and does everyone have iphones?

There have been a number of posts from someone called - Phoenix_nights/ phoenix_n in relation to Premier Square apartments on the Finglas Road in Dublin 11

I’ve noticed your more than proportionate posts in relation to this development both on this site and AskAboutMoney.com. I have ignored them until now but want to reply to what I feel are the unfounded comments you have made and continue to make. I will at this point state my interest as an owner in the complex.

I would like to challenge some of your points re same.

Property prices:
You say that the development will suffer price depreciation more than most. The facts do not support this. The prices in the development have fallen (and risen) in line with the market. You have concurred that many are for sale. Currently (according to daft.ie) there are 9 apartments for sale out of a total of 339. That is 2.6% of its stock. Nothing unusual there I would have thought for a good sized complex and considering the current state of the property market.

On the 6/10/2006 (AAM) you stated that the “apts in premier square …. going to take a hammering in the next few months. Like watching a ship sink.”

It didn’t happen – prices continued to follow the market. No ship sank.

On 6th Feb 07 on this site you say “Expect some to be selling for 240K by end of summer”. Considering this equates to a 28% drop in 6 months (taking 335 as the average), it is quite an extraordinary thing to say and as of today the trend since the 6th Feb does not support this (indeed they are relatively static since then, certainly no more accelerated a fall than the general market). I suggest your comment proves that you are delibrately biased and therefore should carry no weight.

You say it is a ‘poor location’ and ‘poor amenities’ and also ‘poor transport links’ (over various threads). Let me address these:

Firstly it is situated approximately equidistant between the villages of Glasnevin and Finglas. Owing to official boundary of the Finglas Road, its in on the Glasnevin side of the boundary. That is the technical fact. It is 2.5 miles from O’Connell Street. About 10/15 minute walk to Glasnevin/ Finglas villages. Although it can be said it is in neither village.

Yes there is social housing near the development (as I think you’ll find with a lot developments).

It is 3 minutes drive from Finglas Leisure Centre. Approx 5 from Botantic gardens. 10 mins from new Charlestown Shopping Centre. Tesco Clearwater and a number of shops are a 5 min walk. There is also a pay and play golf course nearby.

Poor transport links:
The number 40/ 140 and 220 buses directly pass the development. The 40 for instance has a rate of more than 1 bus per 10 mins at peak times. The bus journey to O’Connell Street takes 15-30 mins depending on peak times. It is on the N4 to Derry. 7-10 mins drive from the M50 and M1. The metro north will have stops within a mile of the development.

You have stated there are ‘social problems’ in the development. There are quite simply no social problems in the development. You are smearing the development with no backup. It is a secure, gated, landscaped, private development, with a reputable management company. The underground carpark has its own gate as well for extra security. It just seems like you threw in this one out of leftfield.

On the 27th Jan 07 you posted a 16 month old link with the comment – “False Promises”. Why you made this comment or posted this link I do not know. A few comments were made re the parking and safety of kids due to cars, no big thing. Alterations have been put in the development since. A 16 month old thread? A lot of digging to get that one out and there was nothing in it.

You have said ‘I really do pity those who bought into that development’ – well don’t! It is well run, has enjoyed good appreciation in line with the market during the boom, is well constructed/ designed and has a good community of people living in it. I am living in it 2 and half years and will continue to do so. On my floor there are 6 apartments all owner occupiers. In my time here there has only been one apartment sold on my floor and that new resident is an owner occupier.

I would respectfully ask that you consider twice your comments on developments before posting negative/ unfounded allegations. Again I don’t understand why you take so much interest in the development. Regards.

dude, there was riots in finglas only 3 weeks ago:

I was up in tesco clearwater a couple of weeks ago and there was youngsters outside boxing the heads off each other.