37 Premier Square, Finglas (-10k)

I’m well aware there were riots in Finglas a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps if you did more research you would see that the riots were towards the west of finglas… premier square is to the south. It’s your type of lazy post that afflicts many forums.

Perhaps also you would see that I addressed more than one point, and I also stated quite clearly that there is social housing near the development. My response was not to paint an angelic picture the finglas area rather a balance to the previously made comments on prem square, which is in the Finglas South/ Glasnevin North area, which have come from mainly one poster. I have to suggest that there is an agenda when someone predicts a 28% fall in prices in a 6 month period, when no evidence whatsoever points to that.

I was in Dalkey and saw a street fight involving 6 people . . . .does that make Dalkey a blackspot? Clearly no…

Thanks though for your comments

That’s hardly unique to that shopping centre though is it, you can see that sort of thing in D4. I don’t know much about Finglas to be honest, how far are the apartments from where the trouble was on St Patricks day?

There are parts of D4 I wouldn’t walk around at night and other parts where I would park my Bentley* with the doors open, you can’t tar a large area with the same brush.

**** I don’t actually own a Bentley, the Gallardo leaves precious little room in the garage ***

how far are the apartments from where the trouble was on St Patricks day?

Just under a mile from the nearest one (there were others in the area)

And a mile in city terms is different to a mile in country terms.

The ARW “how safe is your neighbourhood” test.

If the wife/girlfriend/daughter said she was thinking of living in an apartment there, what would you say?

Maybe it’s just me but I read the rte article as saying:

Now google maps comes in useful here.
Here is Cardiffbridge Road: Google Maps Link
It’s just at the back of Tesco clearwater here: Google Maps Link
and Tesco clearwater is right beside Premier Square apparently: Google Maps Link

Obviously I’m open to correction but I know Tesco is pretty close to those apartments and that Cardiffbridge Road looks to be only twice the distance.

I don’t think that makes much of a dent in the fact that I saw what looked like a 15yr old lad punching some 15 yr old girls face in.

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