38 Beechwood Court, Leopardstown, Dublin 18

New apartment in Leopardstown for only 800 euro per month

The offer is only available to female renters. I guess they figure theyll save a couple of grand on cleaning, redecorating and refurbishing at end of lease if they dont rent to a male tenant.

Another one of those Irish style penthouses. This one on the second floor.

Curious about the gender preference. If I tended to get hot under the collar about equality issues I would probably find that a bit obnoxious :wink:

I’m guessing it’s a flat share in the wrong section, both because of the low price and the gender restriction.

I think the rental is a typo actually and might be 1800E a month.

FOr a one bed apartment??? Pardon, “penthouse”

Well, strictly speaking, having seen the decor and the spec, yeah, I think someone might consider 1800E to be suitable. Don’t forget the jacuzzi, after all.

As to whether I consider it worth 1800E well that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. I live in the north county where some one beds are commanding 1200-1300E (or trying, at least) and they are nowhere near as big (judging by the photos) or as well fitted out.

Well, here is its doppleganger at €1,800 with an extra room and an extra bathroom thrown in. :wink:


Oh dear, that’s a mess. The second ad claims in the body it’s 1900E a month although it’s headlining 1800E a month.

although I give myself marks for getting the idea that it might be 1800E a month rather than 800E a month.

I wish people would stop abusing asterisks though.

They never stop to think of the asterisks. :cry:

That seems a bit wierd. Are they allowed to specify women only renters?

edit: note muslim only ads: