38 Dollymount Avenue, Clontarf - then and now

Sold for 483k in Aug 2011
myhome.ie/priceregister/38-d … in-3-23782

Now asking 700k (+31% price rise) :angry:
daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=7 … rch=1&ea=1
“extended & modernised”, presumably since sale in 2011

Can’t find planning permission for this property in DCC map search or text search, so I can’t tell you whether the work was done since 2011. :angry:

PP definitely required due to it being a two storey extension so it should be there. DCC’s planning text search is fairly bad some times though, but usually it the map search is accurate.

Is that a bar in the living room in pic 7? Classy.

Well it’s classier than most home bars, e.g. see

Nice try though, I wonder how much the renovation cost, I’m guessing €125k for extension with all fixtures and stuff but excluding costs of credit, time organising, submitting for pp, et etc they will definitely sell it for above €600k, about €650k to a cash buyer seems the best bet. The big question on these ‘reheats’ is about the time spent by the renovator in the job.

Nice house, but north facing, and looks like planning for a group of town houses right behind this stretch of the road

Sale Agreed inside 2-3 weeks. You would have to assume they achieved at least asking price.

Even with a conservative stimate on renovation costs since 2011, a tidy profit was surely made.

Last I heard it was at 720k. Incredible price and well done to the sellers - nice profit to pocket!

28 - €800k

propertypriceregister.ie/We … enDocument