38 Lawrence Grove, Clontarf, -115K(24%)

Was 480K.
google.com/search?q=38+Lawre … =firefox-a
The link no longer works but the google cache contains the following
“38 Lawrence Grove, Clontarf, Dublin 3, a townhouse house for sale with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom at around €480000 on Property.ie.”
Now 365K.
myhome.ie/residential/search … IHFH412054

Under a lot of pressure from No’s 34 and 36. Asking €250,000 now

Bee History:
Mon Nov 23 00:57:27 2009

  • Price changed: from ‘€300,000’ to ‘€250,000’

Fri Oct 30 20:37:24 2009

  • Price changed: from ‘Excess €365,000’ to ‘€300,000’
  • Title changed: 34 & 36 St Lawrence Grove, Clontarf, Dublin 3, North Dublin City - Terraced House

Mon Sep 7 17:24:30 2009

  • Price found: Excess €365,000 [Found by n/a]

Is this actually accessible via Clontarf Road? In my book for it to be Clontarf you need to be able to get to it from Clontarf.

Don’t be so negative
it is clontarf
and they are lovely little houses

Of course Im negative Im a pinster!

Id love to buy in Clontarf but that is actually important to me, I wanna be able to go straight to the waterside when I go for a run.

I think Id buy one of these at 175k

Hop the back wall, ya big jessie! :wink:

folks, try to confine further remarks to price changes or sales status of the property


Not bad.

Estate Agent said “These are not available”. Well why the hell are they on daft then??

Indeed. No’s 34 & 36 are now asking €375,000
Something very fishy about this advert. I don’t think they are for sale either.

Fishy Indeed, maybe they lowered originally to get a feel for what price it might clear at. I dont think they will go for 375k.

Good to see back to 2009 prices for 34 lawrence grove
daft.ie/sales/34-lawrence-gr … n/1012210/