38 Marion Grove, Rathfarnham - WIW

Viewed this today daft.ie/1580126

Ex rental I believe, its a wreck basically. Needs loads of work, rewiring, everything. Think there may even be asbestos on the shed roof even. I like the area though, close to Tesco, close the Orchard pub. Not too far from town really. Do you reckon and offer of 130k is unreasonable?

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There, I thought 200k purchase + 50k refurb would be ok. I think ever expecting it to be 130k is extremely optimistic even allowing for its condition.

Yes! for two reasons:

  1. price is too high for natural pin reasons
  2. refurb costs are very very high in that type of house (based on personal experience in the late 90’s in Galway). Rebuild may be way way cheaper

What does a complete refurb cost these days anyway? The BER is G so I assume insulation etc etc is going to be required.

Back up again with a vengeance, this time stripped back to the plaster and rewired with new gfch and rads and planning permission in progress for an extension.

239 must set a new watershed for 3 bed semi prices in Central Rathfarnham, first I’ve seen dip below quarter of a million.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1578141

It’s an odd orientation for a house and is overlooked somewhat by the apartments to the rear and will take a full set of windows and internal/external insulation to bring it up to spec.

I’ve said a few times now that IMO Marian is providing some of the best value* in South Dublin at the moment. I am really non-plussed as to how houses in this mature, well located area are cheaper in many instances than Knocklyon, which is further out and simply not as good an address. It’s odd in my view.

Ed: * Relatively speaking

“All defects noted in recent survey will be corrected before sale.”

Are they cheap because they are built in the 50’s and need work ?

Having said that, this is asking 239k AFTER the defects are corrected. Seems a very good deal to me, in the current market

The ad says “sale agreed” is it? Perhaps they accepted 130k!?

Viewed this gaff before. About a week later I bumped into the EA in Rody Boland’s. He said there was an offer of 250 on it.

I’d be sad if they accepted 130 off someone else cos thats what I offered :slight_smile:

The ad now says the property will go on open view on Sat 1st Oct at 11am

Looks like an agent change and a new ad but old one still on Daft - unagreed when bank refused money on basis of amount of work required, I would guess?

went along on saturday and it’s pretty much as it says on the tin, all rewired, plumbed, new boiler, new windows and stripped back to the boards. Still an odd site, with the majority of the land being taken up by the wrap around front garden, seems like the planning app would address this, but then you’re looking at a serious cost of building to that plan.

oddly, they chose to locate the new boiler in the dining room to the side of one of the chimney breasts instead of in the hotpress upstairs, probably with a view to the revised plans. needs to be fully fitted out, kitchen, broom and a good bit of touching up work. back garden is not badly overlooked due to the trees blocking the apartments, but it’s a smallish sliver so would take some imagination to make it a nice space. it was heaving down rain, which showed how much the garage was letting in so that also needs work. front garden is impressively large though, so if it was either retasked as per the planning or just replanted you could have a nice space for kids or a plethora of old bangers!

taking it on face value vs currently priced houses, given the location relative to ameneties, schools, proximity to town, budgeting another 30k for carpets, decor, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, potential external and attic insulation, for 269 it seems to stack up well compared to some other higher priced houses which don’t have the fundamentals addressed.

anybody else get a chance to view?

I was at the showing on Saturday too. Was surprised at the level of interest given the atrocious weather.
The new boiler positioning struck me as odd too.
However more concerning was what appeared to be some huge cracks - the garage needs a lot of work, probably easier to demolish and rebuild. There were some huge cracks in the main building facing the back garden that were much more concerning - subsidence issues on site?
When I was there I heard a woman go up to the agent and say was there any offer’s?
He was clearly surprised and said no, this is the first viewing. To which she replied “I’ll offer the asking” and no I’m not making this up!

Personally I think this needs a lot of work, imagination and expense to make into a liveable home and for that reason I wasn’t going to make an offer after seeing it anyhow.
The other side of the semi is on sale for 295K with Sherry Fitz and needs far less work (judging from the pics on myhome.ie and the outside appearance) and IMHO represents much better value as you’ll be probably end up north of that before you are done with this one .

I was at the viewing too.

The new boiler apppears to located in the proposed utility room. The large 300L water tank along with associated pumps and boiler wouldn’t have fitted in the old hotpress?

The solar panels were also a nice unexpected extra.

The agent said there was more work to be done on the house and that they decided to go ahead with the viewing rather than postpone for a week or two.

I saw the cracks and they are all in the garage. The back of the garage has definitely sunk a few inches. It is due for demolition for the two storey extension and I guess that is why nothing has been fixed up with it.

I also viewed the house next door and while the condition appears good it does require a lot of work unless you want to live in the 60’s with an old boiler, single glazing and old electrics

no longer on myhome/goodagent site so looks like somebody snapped it up…

apparently it was priced at WIW, could this be an emerging trend :wink: