38 Rathlin Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

On sale since last summer(June or July). Withdrawn at 730k at auction last October and quoting 850k since. Now asking 810k as of this week.

unison.ie/irish_independent/ … e_id=14793


now 720

on market over a year now and during that year an underground metro stop was announced 2 minutes walk away. anyone familar with london and luas know these sort of things usually add value. Metro north due to open in 4-5 years and preliminary work has already begun.

Are we speculating why it hasn’t sold?

Yes, the location is great, even without the metro. But it’s only 85 sqm, that is not a big house! No garage either. Too expensive.

Large back garden to extend at not huge cost. Point is similar houses sold for the higher prices in spring 2006.

Why would you though, when you could just buy a bigger house for the same price?

Doesn’t that go for every category though.

Yea big money for a small house. It actually doesn’t look that small from the outside

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