38 Rathmichael Manor, Fernleigh, Sandyford

Can anybody explain this one?

According to propery bee:

date event
30 September 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €1,100,000’ to ‘Region €895,000’ [Found by beebear]

17 September 2008
* Price changed: **from ‘Region €495,000’ to ‘Region €1,100,000’ ** [Found by beebear]

15 September 2008
* Initial entry found. [Found by beebear]

Title says: 5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms; Overall Floor Area: 181.2 Sq. Metres (1,950 Sq. Feet)

Description says: A three bedroomed house currently laid out as a 2 bed house; The accommodation extends to approximately 78 sq.m. (840 sq.ft.)

So what size house is it is it and what price is it??

The clever EA entered two ads one for a 2 bed (listed as a 3 bed) daft.ie/1406486.
This genius entered the same ad twice so decided to put the details of 38 Rathmichael Manor on instead. The problem now is that the ad for Rathmichael manor now contains pictures of a 2 bed.

It seems that there have been far fewer Circuses touring in recent years, but this will soon be rectified, there will be far more clowns willing to return to the circus as work dries up elsewhere.

Well done on explaining that one.

Following your explanation I went to the Lisney website and found the proper blurb for number 38:

lisney.com/subnav.aspx?tabid … ty&ID=4741