39 Seafield Road, Clontarf (-200k; -20%)

Price drop from 925k to 850k :angry:


Nice house, Great road, Mad Money.

*I give up. *

Close my eyes for two years , and see what happens. Go to myhome rehab. BD

Will sell but, and close to that price . IMO

Nah, once they start to move they pick up pace in that the next drop shouldnt be as long coming as the first because to cut people have to be feeling the pinch.

Please include links for all prices claimed. Thanks!

This actually started at 995k

Now on at 795k - 20% down from peak of 995k above.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-3/205682

I might have been right in my assumption, either that or the news circulating about the budget is worrying the hell out of everybody :open_mouth: