39 Second Avenue, Seville Place (-100k, -40%)

Was 250k, etc.
treesdontgrowtothesky.com/se … ublin,%201

Now 150k

Rough area for strangers!!!

We will see. I think I ll lock up that place and - yes, indeed - I am italian. I know enough about the area, shooting, murders, Notorious, bombs, Peter Sheridan’s book but also the Luas coming, the new Calatrava bridge, the IFSC few stones away, the new convention centre, the dockland development project with a restiling of the Spencer Canal.

This is a Interview on the late late show to Harry Crosbie, the builder who is trasforming the area:
rte.ie/tv/latelate/av_200905 … 9,null,228

I saw the property twice, walk down there five times in the middle of the night and it is surely worth a shoot. We will see in 3 years time what will happen down there.


This street is the absolute epicentre of the Dublin Sherriff street feud.

Half of your neighbours want to kill the other half.

Unless you are from sherrif street area buying this house is kamikaze.

This house has no value unless you are from the Sherriff street or inner city area.

I have no prejudice, living in the inner city North side in Dublin for ten years and can assure anyone that that address is probably the toughest in dublinn.

That price is absolute and utter cloud cuckoo land.

Anyone paying more than 50k is deluded.

The poster EWD3 said the same about *22 Upper Street *, actually he said
exactlythe same.


Seemed the property changed destination in Daft.ie now.


You are quite right Rupert, word for word it is Ewd3’s post. Weird.

That says let agreed now :neutral_face:

I know the local priest, a thoroughly decent guy. According to him ‘Roughly 8 families in this parish are not involved in the importation and sale of cocaine’.

Just saying is all…

As italian, I am not concern with importation and sale of cocaine but with the shooting. It is stupid (apart for being wrong) to kill people in the same neighbourgh where you do business. And you do not sell drugs on your door step. Avoiding Gardai attention should be a must. That s the first law. Mafia does not exist, it is the second. :nin