4, 9, 11 & 14 Clontarf Bay (6-10% drops)

Funny they all drop on the same day…

-8.82% 4 Clontarf Bay, Clontarf, 340000, 310000, -30000
-6.82% 11 Clontarf Bay, Clontarf, 440000, 410000, -30000
-9.68% 14 Clontarf Bay, Clontarf, 465000, 420000, -45000
-6.38% 9 Clontarf Bay, Clontarf, 470000, 440000, -30000

Original prices here


Do you think that they are all owned by the same canny investor?

They’re all owned by Costello Construction who built the place. The also own the shop units at the front and I believe it’s the daughter than runs the restaurant Bay. Also, friend looked at an apartment there with a view to rent said they were appallingly badly built and extremely poky. The kitchen’s and bathrooms were falling apart (an that was only about 2 years after build).

Anyway that’s the explanation.

Costello Construction - the ‘entrepeurs’ who reincarnated themselves from 2nd hand Jap import cars to a construction company…

Very very canny!

Yep that’s them alright.

At those prices … (daylight) Robbers

:nin :nin :nin :nin :nin :nin :nin :nin :nin :nin

if you know what I mean :angry: :angry: :angry:

Now up on the renting market!!!

Clonraf Bay 14 E1100 pm daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=663541