4 Ardoyne Mews, Ballsbridge (-130k, -16%)



AP drop

825k in 2016

Dropped to 795k

Asking 695k in Oct 21


Same price as when it originally sold in 2003


The effects of the weather on these has not been pretty. Still I would have thought it would have gone for more than 700 by now.


The ad says it’s in excellent decorative condition but those photos look suspiciously pristine for a house built 20 years ago. If the photos are current then this is attractively priced - less than Euro 7K. per sq. m. for a townhouse in a prime location. This went sale agreed at 8.5K. down the street.

The third bedroom is probably the key difference.


Two vastly different properties there. Although only a few meters in size apart , the second one is much more appealing to most buyers with a decent garden, some sort of entrance away from the road, a layout downstairs where you can have an open plan eating area and a separate sitting room and three decent bedrooms upstairs.

The first one is much more like a two story apartment than a house. Plus I think you need to climb a stairs to get to the living area in the first one which is pain for people with young kids and a pain for old people. Very restricted market for this type of property. Maybe a couple of well paid 30 year olds or a childless couple.

Property 2 has much wider appeal.


BlueSky photoshop job.

Wires missing from the telegraph/phone poles in two photos.

They could be historical photos from anytime approx in the last 20 years (could be from 2003 per Luan sale comment)

That’s a phone screen assement. Will take a deeper look later.