4 bed, 123 The Mews, Observatory Lane, Rathmines (-2500, -50%)

€3,500 Mar 27

€3,750 Mar 25

€4,250 Mar 23

€4,500 Mar 20

€4,750 Mar 18

€5,000 Mar 13

3250 now.

Slumlord set up judging by the layout of the rooms.

Theres a reckoning on the way for some of these boyos

As many in the black economy lose their jobs I would have thought the likes of this place would not have been too hard to let as people will need to source alternative (i.e. cheaper) accommodation.

Im not sure given the significant drop already.

When I was living in places like that we were generally in a position to have a room of our own, rather than three beds in the one room.

Stil its encouraging that prices are dropping.

This is why I am more surprised that this place is being hit badly. I am in no way surprised that the market for 2 beds at >3k in GCD has dried up as there are only so many who would pay those ludicrous rents, but here where a slumlord will pack ‘em in high I assumed would have been ok.

Now 3k

Im guessing that landlord has seen it all before and is looking to lock in a 12 month lease before the pricing collapse kicks in over the next month or so.

Ive been observing Airbnb over the past week.

In the region of 40-50% drops thus far in a number of places in Dublin city centre.

Another few weeks and who knows where we’ll be

Yer man has dropped 2k in just just over two weeks. It’ll be carnage all round in four.

Now 2750

Now 2.5k