4-bed detached, The Glen, Buncrana (-190k, -79.2%)

And according to daft gone sale agreed at 49,950 daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=457394


Not at the price, at the “architectural merit”

  • it’s a three bed pretending to be a four bed
  • the main bathroom is downstairs, so if you are in the third bedroom, you have to wander the house for a wee…
  • the main bathroom is off the entrance hall, so no poo in there please, make sure you close the door when having a bath too…
  • to get from the sitting room to the dining room, you have to walk through the kitchen…
  • the “dining” room, is about 9 feet square, so you’ll be huddled round a coffee table if there are more than six of you…

TBH, I didn’t even look at any detail, just wondered if prices in that part of the world were tending towards realism.

Please provide links for any prices claimed, e.g. for 240k
webcache.googleusercontent.com/s … clnk&gl=ie

Not Really

"Before occupation the property will require:

  1. Windows & doors
  2. Plastered inside & out
  3. Stone work
  4. First & second fix plumbing & wiring
  5. All ground works
  6. Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace, etc. "

or another €100k