4 Cowper Gardens, Dublin 6

I’m liking this one…
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You like it for 1.3mm?

Best of luck with the sale.

1.3m is surely OTT, even though a very desirable location.

If it does achieve this, which it could, it will show a very strong D6/Ranelagh micro-market emerging.

Wish it was mine to sell!


I think some vendor or EA is making a bit too much of the notion that we might be experiencing a bit of bottoming out, and going for a 30% rebound. In the present market unlikely to fetch more than €950k, and that price would be way too much IMO.

I like it too - however at €600/sq.ft it’s certainly steep. For €1.3m, even in the currently micro-boom, I’d be expecting a much more handsome/interesting house on neighbouring Park Drive for that kind of money. I like this, but there is better available for that price. Granted, I realise that there is rarely to purchase on this road as there are only 11 properties on the street and nothing has been nothing for sale in years, but this price is ludicrous. As the agent notes: “the last house publicly for sale was 1993, a real testimony to the road”, however the fact that this family purchased after that date highlights the irrelevance of this fact, as off-market deals are popular at the upper-end, so it’s not much of a testimony at all.

In 1993, No. 1 Cowper Gardens, an impressive 6-bed detached red-brick made £206k at auction. Obviously No. 4 would have been worth far less as it’s not red brick, not detached and only two-stories high. I’d say number 4 would have been worth 40% less, and the family who own this purchased in 1995 (presumably privately) which was a year or two before the real growth started. Agree with the above point that the agent is trying to milk the current drought of good 4 bed family homes in desirable areas.

Apparently a bid is in for 1.2m on this. Can’t see that being true and reckon its scare tactics from the EA. Whilst reasonable downstairs, upstairs needs a lot of work and the garden is small. Above all, why would anyone pay that much for a semi-d.

An offer of 1.2m and they still put another ad costing a few k’s in the Irish Times last week.

Well thats one way to keep that potential buyer really happy. I know what I’d tell them to do.

North facing garden and something really weird with next door garage.

It looks like the garage belonged to this house but they sold it at some point to next door.

Although 1.2m its a hell of alot of money I would not be to suprised if it did make this, here is a very similar house in the same area that has gone sale agreed at 1M but as you can see from the pics it needs alot more spent on it, but it does have a bigger west faceing garden and its aredbrick which might have helped.

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What should this one around the corner from Cowper Gardens be worth?

Already a thread on that property.

Sale agreed on MyHome. Looks like the €1.2m bid may have been true after all. Who on earth would pay that for a North facing garden?

Maybe the lack of stock at the upper end of the market is starting to get to people?

Its totally a lack of stock.

If there was even a dozen, or maybe half a dozen, of these on the market at the same time there would be a blood bath.

Look at Malahide with their McMonstrosities. They used to be 4-5m. Not long ago you could have your pick of them for 1m-1.5m.

Lack of stock because the stuff is selling like hot cakes. Value to be had.

Are you telling us that these type of houses were not selling for 4-5 million during the Celtic Tiger era?

Has the blood bath not already happened :slight_smile:

Sale Agreed wonder if it went for 1.2m

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I never saw a 3/4 bed 2000sqft house on a small plot in Ranelagh acheive 4-5m. But I could be wrong.

Palmerstow road?