4 Crosthwaite Hall, Lower Glenageary Road


Anyone been to see this one?

Yeah, not a bad house but that road is really busy.

Will still sell at about the €530k mark

I used to rent a bedsit near there (Crossthwaith park) in the early 90’s. Its a nice quiet area (in general, this one is on a busy road though as DE pointed out - something to think about if you have kids running around I suppose). Walking distance of Dun Laoghaire and the sea if you’re energetic
I’m quite surprised to see one at such a price point. If I had the money I’d buy it!

The place beside it sold for something similar.

I think this currently has offers on a bit higher than the one next door went for. Personally thought its neighbour was a bit nicer though, which had a good attic conversion, a bigger garden, a garage. Prices being squeezed a bit higher through lack of supply in the area. Be interesting to see if this continues.

Did the one next door ever sell? Its not on the property price register.