4 Det Houses - 3,4,5 Castle Avenue, Churchtown(-1995k,-66%)

Development of four houses

Were 2,950,000
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 91768.html

Three still available at 2,250,000
Also listed at 2,300,000

Gardens are pretty tiny, when you are shelling out 2,300,000 euros
maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&F … &encType=1

For 2.3 mil id want a detached house, huge private garden and uninterrupted view of Dublin Bay none of which will be available here. They are definitely desirable houses but if I was a 2.3 millionaire I wouldnt waste my cash there. 650k

These were built in the garden of 1 Castle Avenue, which is also for sale

That thread says these houses went up to 3.5m(!) for a while

3 of the 4 houses still for sale and have now dropped to 2,050,000

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/187180

2 mln for a house in Churchtown, are you having a laugh

Now 1950k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/187180

Total drop of 1mil


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/187180

Now asking €995K, a pale shadow of the original €2.95 milllion! Any takers?

Only if i get all three for that price.


Nice houses but get real. Plus these are just off Whitehall Road

€284 per square foot. I think someone will start to see this as making sense, even if we don’t. The finish quality looks particularly good - I doubt it would be possible to do a new build with that standard of finish for much less than €200 per square foot excluding site.


and tiny when shelling out the guts of a million, too - especially considering their unfavourable east/northeasterly orientation and the line of high trees on the gold course blocking out even the little bit of morning sun one might hope for:

The houses on this road went for big money in the past. There are a couple of big developers who bought houses and levelled them.
Houses on Woodside went for 3M+ and were rebuilt. Personally, I don’t get the attraction to the area.
These houses are big and would appear to be very well finished.

Makes the asking of the likes of this 1mile over the road even more ludicrous.


Gonna go to 650, maybe more…

is it not 3 houses?
now i won’t have a monopoly on the street so i can’t build a hotel :slight_smile:

Wonder what condition these are in after 4 years of being vacant or perhaps they are rented.

Has anyone viewed these?

Nice houses, but you’d really want to live in Churchtown to fork out €1m for them.
The problem for this development is that €1m buys you an awful lot of choice (and more desirable areas) now.

True, but it’s been months since the last reduction and seemingly no takers (well they haven’t declared any of them sale agreed anyway) so another drop is going to have to come. I would think that they’d see interest around the 750-800k levels, even if they had to take lower than that again, given the fact that the 3-bed on Woodside supposedly went sale agreed at €740k needing complete renovation, and its half the size of these. Obviously these houses will never achieve Woodside prices given the lack of garden, but they are great houses with a high level of finish.

2 of the remaining 3 houses have sold signs in their windows.

The final remaining house apparently is close to sold also so there is unlikely to be another price drop.

I live in this area and have seen the sold signs. I also saw an incredible amount of viewing activity when the prices dropped to €1mil so would imagine they achieved fairly close to the asking. I never viewed any of the houses myself - I would consider the garden not in the slightest family friendly.

Oh, interesting. I just assumed by the fact they’re still marketing them as “3, 4, 5, Castle Avenue” with no mention of any of them being sale agreed that they had all failed to attract interest yet again at this price. I would still have thought that due to the gardens, the houses would have warranted a price a good bit lower than the asking given the fact that they are family homes. Unless, of course, some single people have bought the 3,600sqft homes!