4 Det Houses - 3,4,5 Castle Avenue, Churchtown(-1995k,-66%)

I saw these when the price was dropped to 995 and at the time I was told by the agent that the best of the three (ie the most finished and one with the marginally better garden ) had an offer of 840. Not sure if it went anymore than that. Assuming it went sale agreed for around that I’d guess the other 2 went for 50-100 less ( to allow for additional cost of finishing and possibly because gardens are marginally smaller).

I passed there yesterday and there seemed to be a fair bit of activity – tradesmen in doing underfloor heating etc so no reason to suggest these sales won’t go through (if they have not already as alluded to above)

Whilst the back gardens are small the spec of the houses is excellent and there is a lot of room out the front for small kids to play around. The houses are nicely tucked in and it feels very peaceful beside the golf course.

Best of luck to the purchasers!

#2 now for sale asking 1.25M


there must have heard about the SCD prices rises

Lisney’s have been trying to see this off-market for a few months with no success obviously.

When I pointed out to the Lisney idiot that the 1.25 million asking price was nearly 300,00 more than the asking price of the other houses, he started talking about all the improvements and appliances the owner had invested in.

Still, pity the seller who gets talked about here.

Unbelievable, these struggled to sell at 800k to 900k now they are looking €1250k

Can I have the receipts to prove €300k of improvements in the last 6 months.

All I can say,“move along there is better value elsewhere” :slight_smile:

appears to be strange pricing strategy - only possible advantage to timing of sale after the others sold (assuming sales went through) is the comfort buyer may get in knowing others sold. Garden is better on this one and finish probably a bit better but would think 950 or so might be clearing price assumming demand has not been satiated by sale of other 3 and there is a would be vendor with that kind go dough.

Another gone…

Could be suprised depending on price

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1967771

Edited. BTW Good luck to the buyer and seller

Take a look at the Bing map of the houses:


Does anyone know what that Tower Of Babel-like structure is at the bottom centre of the screen?

Crematorium, tandoori oven or pottery works??

Its a lime kiln. Popular around these parts esp in Limekiln Estate in Terenure / Greenhills / West Templeogue.


€1.25m is a big ask, can’t see them having hit ask.

Interesting, thanks!

#3 sold for 825K - register

No. 4 sold for €704,846.00
via property register

Fantastic house for that money

propertypriceregister.ie/Web … enDocument

“VAT Exclusive” price, so presumably 13.5% VAT should be added, making 800k

Oh right, I just looked at the price. Even at 800k, it was a good buy compared to what’s available at the moment.

#2 sold for 1.09M as per reg.

Another one i underestimated, more because I did not realise how much no. 3 went for. Lovely gaff all the same and desirable area

Still no sign of no 5 it will be interesting to see if it goes for compared to no 4 which was more finished and back garden better

The price register has brought transparency to the market.

However for some it might not be to their liking.

Yes, the 60% falls from peak have left me crestfallen and convinced me that I had it wrong all along.

Oh? Do you not wish you had a portfolio of rental properties that you held on to for the entire duration of the greatest property crash in peace time?