4 Edward Square, Donnybrook

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1744994

Has anyone seen this?

Am I the only person to be overwhelemed by a tsunami of cheese when reading that ?

i can see if you were in a wheelchair this might appeal strongly though

or for retirement

A lot of sq footage for the money. #12 sold march 2012 for €1.08m only 10sq metres smaller, though no lift. Quite a premium for a lift.

Anyone know the service charge here? Imagine it would be a modest salary.

There is a long-ish discussion about Edward Square in the South Dublin property price drops category. Not that informative a discussion, but maybe something of interest.

That is true.

maintenance costs for a lift likely to be quite high I’d have thought - much like having a swimming pool, sounds great in theory until you think about the ongoing costs.

Sale Agreed (last asking €1,450)

Number 19 sold on 24-9-14 for €1,828,194 as per PPR

However this is probably bad data. When you include vat at 13.5% you get a rather more exact figure of €2,075k

On the same basis 13 & 14 also sold for €1,600k on 7-10-14 (€1,409,692 as per PPR)
And 16 & 17 sold for €1,560k on 6-10-14 (as against €1,374,449 as per PPR)

No sale listed for 4 Edward Square.

Was asking 1.8m → 1.45m in 2012
collapso.net/Sale-Property/sale- … id=1744994

Now asking 2.25m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/3506141
4 Bed End of Terrace House 374.95 m² / 4036 ft², BER C1
€557/sq ft

What a strange development. It’s almost like they started building an apartment building and decided that a terrace would work better half way through.

Who the f would pay 2.25 for this?? Am I missing something?

Well, it’s very big and in in Donnybrook; it’s about 550 euro per square foot, which possibly isn’t that crazy for the location. I can’t imagine anyone who actually wants to spend over 2 million buying this, though. It’s a very odd property.

on the PPR as sold for 2,4m …(27.5.2016)

high price … if brexit happens this is some deal for vendor

IMO - a Brexit would be a strong positive for the high end of the markets thanks to financial services companies being forced to relocate in order to maintain access to EU markets.

Prime London properties change hands at prices ranging from €2k to €4.5k per sq ft.

Super prime sell for €4.5k plus.

Whereas prices in Dublin for ever the best properties are struggling to break €700 per sq ft.

Could be offset if sterling plummets in response.

A couple more on the same side of the square for sale recently

Number 9, now sale agreed, was asking €2.75m - daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-sa … n-1461993/

Number 10 just dropped price from 2.5m to 2.3m - myhome.ie/residential/broch … -4/4058148

It will be interesting to see what prices these finally sell for.