4 Killininny Cottages, Firhouse Road (-300k, -40%)

Was 749,900 649,950 599,950 549,950

Now 499,950


I’d doubt this property was ever on the Market at €750K maybe for the time it takes to type €749. This particular EA seems for very good at getting his sellers to drop their price to current levels :astonished:

It’s in the property bee history. Mambo was just kind enough to provide a link to a source that people can see without the property bee.

You can get the property bee for firefox here:

I can’t find direct proof of the 749,950 as it was so long ago but it’s also listed on:
irishpropertywatch.com here
treesdontgrowtothesky.com here

549k on live.com cache here
499k on yahoo.com cache here

still for sale, now POA:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … use/224535


1 photo, no square footage mentioned

Now €299,950