4 Kingston View, Balinteer, Dublin 16

Aside from being over priced (compared to sq ft price of other properties in the area) has anyone gone to view this?

It seems to be on the market for a long time. What is wrong with it?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/2181571

I think the answer might be in your question.

Could also be people being picky: a case of if youre gonna spend 645K+ you’d prefer a house closer to town/in a more desireable area (not that this is a bad area)

Its probably the price. Esp since a house around the corner was up for 645,000 initally and is now sitting at 545,000 (albeit it less of a garden and no garage)

Big detached House in Pine valley with massive garden went for 600K recently and another in there at the moment (smaller garden and need work) asking 645k odd. There is a bit of choice around so I doubt no. 4 will shift at that price.
Some of the estates along the road are not as attractive or mature as others closer to Marley Park.

Another detached house on at 595 in Marley Grange, far better proposition imo, although needs work too

I went to see that one in Pine Valley for 645… i can’t see it making that. Even though there is alot of space downstairs its badly laid out and the extension wasn’t done properly with no access to the main house.
Upstairs is pokey too

I agree that the pine valley one won’t get 645, I’d say 580 might be more like it and I agree that unless you extend upstairs it is disappointing in those houses - However I much prefer the feel of the more mature estate (more trees etc). Pine valley houses have a lot of potential to extend to as many have

Aparantly 9 Kingston Avenue is pretty close to a deal at €505,000 and the vendor for this property has rejected an offer of €550,000 for this property

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/2309702

Has no. 9 been moved to Dundrum? :angry:

Asking price for No 9 has also been reduced by €25,000

Aparantly an offer for 4 greatly in excess of €570,000 has been rejected. Does the vendor think it is 2006 again! :unamused: