4 Leinster Square, Rathmines (-1450k, -51.8%)

Was €2.8m


Now €2.35m (auction)


Withdrawn at 2.1m
Now quoting 2.4m
ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 48811.html

still 2.35m on daft:

Back up to 2.4m on Daft. It was withdrawn from auction at €2.1m.

myhome.ie/residential/search … IRLD395590

€602.5/sq foot, no BER, unrealistic still but prob. lower than the joneses’

Very strange en-suite set up in the master! Very strange indeed!

Very strange en-suite set up in the master! Very strange indeed!

I can’t find this on either myhome or daft, maybe they didn’t like the attention.

mambo’s last link works for me ?

Now 1.35mm
myhome.ie/residential/search … IRLD395590

€5212 per sq m
€484 per sq ft

Mmmm …

An asking of €1.35m these days says please offer €999999 …

There’s very little out there that commands more than a bar these days - the credit just isn’t there. This one’s a benchmark alright.

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Meh, I’m not so sure Proximo. The location of this place is pretty odd, right on Rathmines main street opposite McDonalds. That really rules it out of being either a family home or a trophy D6 home for the upwardly mobile. So that does reduce it’s usefulness as a barometer for these types of higher-end homes in the D2/D4/D6 areas.

“From €1.7m”?? Don’t these people read the Pin?

It’s not on Rathmines road, it’s on a small street just off it.

Ok, it is 10 paces from Rathmines main road. But for all intents and purposes it is “on” Rathmines main road, and certainly in the context I describe.

I think that street has a very different feel to the main road. But I won’t argue in it’s favour, as if everyone feels the way you do no one will buy it and it will drop low enough for me to buy. By the time I work out what to do with that weird en suite it will be mine. :smiling_imp:

I lived in Leinster Sq for a few years, even though it is essentially a cul de sac it is a remarkably busy little stretch, especially on the weekends with people popping in and out all the time. Maybe if there are now clampers in the area it might not be so bad.

From upstairs in McDs in Rathmines you can practically look in the windows of this house.