4 Luttrellstown Heights, Castleknock

4 luttrellstown heights, carpenterstown
just wondering of anyone made the open viewing here today? Was there much interest?
Any opinions on what its worth?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 15/2190899

I went with my friend today. She was telling me that the house might go well beyond the asking although I warned her beforehand that SherryFitzgerald had a very wide angle camera. She got very disappointed when entering the house. The staircases are a nightmare for children. You will either need to spend 3000-5000 euros to redo the staircase or put a gate to block the study and attic access. The attic room is very nicely done up, the ensuite is great. No sunlights into either of the three bathrooms, meaning you have to turn on the light every time you went to the toilet. The floor in the dinning room needs to be changed, as very worn out. The finish in the whole house is very nice, but at least 4-5 years old, the kitchen is also a few years old. All need to be changed in the next few years. But… with all the madness recently, the asking price will be met. I think.

Does anybody know any offer on 25 luttrellstown view? That is a much better road.

Just heard this house is gone well over asking price, 450k was the last figure I heard, crazy!

450 now. and still open home tomorrow. Greedy agent wants to get 470 for it.
The Luttrellstown Lawn originally sale agreed is back to the market again.

Thats his job. :slight_smile:

Probably not the agent who is holding out for €470k.

Consider it from the EA’s propspective, the property is much more likely to complete at €450k than €470k
He is thus more likely to get his fee of €4.5k (assuming 1%) than holding out for an additional €200.

Whereas the owner is pocketing an additional €19,800.

Is that true that if the sell price is over the asking price of a certain percentage, the agent will get higher commission. I really do not understand that they will have an open home when there are also two parties bidding much higher than the asking. Actually the offer has gone up to 455.

Or, the agent has a fear that people might pull out even after sale agreed like the other one. The good thing is that there are three houses availabe in the same region. All the same configuration, different location.

If all the buyers hold their feet tight, the winners will the buyers.

Not sure that you fully get the whole vendor looking to get as much as possible for their property angle.

Put yourself in their shoes,have a good think about it,then wait for the light bulb exploding over your head moment. :wink:

If they don’t hold tight and stick together,report them to the shop steward of the property buyers union,I hate those fuckin scabs that wont do as you mentally order them to. :slight_smile:

They really need to be loirned a lessin.

It is easy for pinsters to forget that the other side of the property equation is a real person hoping to get as much as possible for their home.

In all probability most pinsters will be on both sides of the equation during their lifetime.

What exactly was wrong with the stairs that it needs so much money spent on it,looks perfectly normal in the photos?

Do you mean the buyers should give whatever the vendor wish for?

I know this area very well. I have been to the next door neighbor of this house for my childrens’ birthday party.

Go to property register:
3 Luttrellstown way sold at 340K Nov 2011.
4 luttrellstown lawn sold at 290 March 2012.
5 bramley green sold at 370 in August 2012.

3 way is exactlly the same as the house, 100 metres away. Do you think it will cost 130K to refurbish 4 luttrellstown heights? The attic room is very newly done, let us say it cost 25k maximum. The open kitchen plan say cost 20K, but it is about 5 years old. The ensuite room is around 2 years old. The main bathroom and downstairs toilet are both 10 years old style and need to be done up again. The ensuite room has a very nice wardrobe with mirror, this room is not actually big but the mirror makes it looks really big. The carpets are quite worn out and need to be changed. The house really is in very nice decorative order, most of the lightings,curtains, wall paper, furnitures are from Laura Ashley. Just imagine what it will be like if these beautiful lights, curtains, furnitures are taken away…

4 luttrellstown lawn and 5 bramley green have a slightly different internal configuration to this one, BUT these two houses have no side entrance, so less attractive. But remember 4 in a very nice cul-de-sac. 5 bramley green facing a nice gree and only 3-4 minutes from the train station.

As a buyer you want to pay the very minimum

Whereas the seller wants to receive the best possible price for his home.

Suppy and Demand forces are playing out but for the first time in several years (thanks to the Dead Cat) the balance has tipped in the seller favour.

You always have the option of waiting it out if you believe the market is going to resume a downward trajectory.

Or buying a less desirable property that may need refurbishment and completing the work yourself. I wonder how close your estimates will be to reality in that case.

There’s currently 486k being offered on this house.

This will all end in tears.

1/2 million for a house that’s not really in Castleknock? Ok so its nicely decorated but other than that it’s nothing special. Ridiculous price for the location.

Carpenterstown is like Legoland.

and that means what exactly?

Sale agreed at 493k, so I hear.

I am sure the vendor is very happy and the EA is crossing his fingers that the sale goes through.