4 Moyne Road, Ranelagh (-1325k, -68.8%)

Was for Auction in 2006 @ €1.7m - no evidence of a sale … … cd=9&gl=ie

On Market asking €1.925m 12 months ago: … d=30&gl=ie
news.myhome.ie/property/2008/101 … 89037.html

Now €1.825m
myhome.ie/residential/search … XAWK337406

WTF ???

If I’m reading this correctly, they couldn’t sell for €1.7M at auction at the height of the boom in 2006 and now it’s back on the market in late 2008 at a higher price ??!!

It’s certainly all those things. It’s also a mid-terrace with no off-street parking. Fairly major deficiencies for nearly €2m.

A similar more architecturally impressive mid-terrace on the same road is currently asking €2.3m. The photos don’t really do it justice, but still hard to justify €500k extra.


Have to wonder how many trophy red brick buyers there are out there right now.

what proof do you have of this?

That end of Moyne Road is very busy with delivery trucks and bin trucks delivering/collecting from the supermarket just around the corner on Dunville Avenue. During the day it’s almost impossible to get parking there because of the same supermarket.

If a house does not sell in + 1year the price needs adjusting.

€1047 per sq foot does not sound like 2009 prices.
And people with that kind of dosh would expect offstreet parking.

I think they could get a million for it as the house itself looks amazing and like a million euro house.
40% drop would = 1.095M
I wonder if their rent is a fair return on 1.1M

Down to 700K and incl. someone to help put the dishes away.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1929057

Some of the photos are woejus! Bicycles in the kitchen for one…

yeah but it is a cervelo… that is akin to having a porsche in the driveway.

I like the rather racy French knickers suggestively hanging around the bedroom in photos 18 and 19. One would hope for three quarters of a million that you’d get their owner thrown in too.

I rather suspect that the owner appears in Pic No 2. if so Id rather keep my 700K thanks.

We have very different expectations on what constitutes racy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unusual choice of photos. They’ve gone for the lived-in look instead of the pristine de-cluttered style of presentation. There’s really no excuse for having washing hanging out to dry in the bedroom though, or bikes in the kitchen (cervelo or not)

Its like the vendor doesnt care. Maybe its a repo sale.

I’m assuming the owner is male :wink:

On the market again, was 700k, now 675k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1929057

they still haven’t taken the bike out of the kitchen…

What part of declutter do these people not understand?

There is what appears to be the cargo case for a surface to air missile launcher on the kitchen floor combined with sloppy pictures taken at poor angles of rooms with furniture positioned in all directions,even the pics of the hall way has a coat hanging off the Bannister and a mat lying askew at the door.

Its a nice house but you really wouldn’t know it from looking at those pics.

Sold 600k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-74124/

Actually this sold for more in the region of 675k.
Another example of a vendor taking a cash payment from the buyer and reducing the sold price to the bank.
Not that I have massive amounts of sympathy for banks, but it’s more the fact that the whole housing market, from banks through to estate agents in this country, is still completely corrupt. There is so little transparency.
Although this dodgy transaction has most likely been driven by the seller, there’s a good chance that the buyer will have committed tax fraud as well against the state for knowingly not paying the correct stamp duty.
Although the unpaid stamp would not be a massively significant I don’t think I’d like to have it hanging over my head if a paper trail was ever done on the transaction…then again, this is Ireland so of course it would never be followed up on.