4 Pim Street, D2 - Inner City WIW


So Pinsters - what do we think.

Bargain in the “Digital Hub” - future of the country; or

Down and out money pit in knackeragua?



I personally wouldn’t describe that area as knackaragua but its certainly … gritty. And that’s not going to change any time soon - it was gritty pre Celtic Tiger, it was gritty mid Celtic Tiger, its gritty now. I live 7 minutes walk away, so realism rather than snobbery is what is behind my comments.

Its a funny street Pim Street - a residential street in the middle of a sort of semi-industrial, semi-heartofaudldublin, semi-derelict wasteland vibe. Halting site down the road. Lots of vacant lots around and about. On the upside, Guinness brewery complex right beside you, 5 minutes to the Luas, 5 minutes to Meath Street (some of the best butchers and fruit sellers in Dublin), 5 minutes to Cork Street (bleak, but always handy to have a Lidl, dry cleaners, chemist and off license within walking distance). And the Coombe in a leisurely 10 minute walk if you suddenly find yourself in labour, or James’ if you have more manly emergencies.

Money pit - definitely looks to be so. Could be fantastic though - I was in one of the few houses on this street that has been posh-ified some years ago and it was genuinely beautiful.

All in all, hard to see who on earth would buy this place, why and for what price.

You had me at “halting site”.