4 Rugby Road, Ranelagh (-€130k, -19%)

Was €675k according to Irish Property Watch:

Then €650k:

Now €575k:

Sq. Metres: 94 (Sq. Feet: 1011.81) @ €575k

€568 per sq ft

Now €545k

€5798 per sq m (545000/94)
€539 per sq ft (545000/1011)

Bet number 25 rugby road is going to spook them even lower.
myhome.ie/residential/search/brochure/25-rugby-road-ranelagh-dublin-co&-city/FLMAA403542 Only 2 beds but only €365,000 :astonished:

Number 4:
1011 sq feet for €545k= 539 per sq foot

Number 25:
601 sq feet for €365k = €608 per sq foot

Neither represents great value, but would appear number 4 is slightly better value

Good Spot Tag

No 4 is still v high at 539sq foot.
Its not exactly D4 or even prime D6