4 Sandymount Road, Dublin 4


I see BidX1 (formerly Allsop) have launched their catalogues for their auctions set for later this month. In the residential catalogue, 4 Sandymount Road, Dublin 4 appears. It’s a 3 bed house with a reserve of €700,000.
myhome.ie/residential/broch … in/4196404

What’s interesting from a google search is that in March 2017, Savills seemed to have had it for sale at €800,000. I can only access a cached page of the ad they had up at the time.
webcache.googleusercontent.com/ … ent=safari

Then there’s also another estate agent who seem to have carried it too - Hunters estate agents. I can’t see a date on the ad and I also can’t see an AMV or guide price. The ad does say it’s a receiver sale.
photos-a.propertyimages.ie/medi … 20Road.pdf

So, in short, from google searches, this is the third agent that has this property on its books.
Wondering did anyone view the house with either Savills or Hunters when they had it and is there some issue with it to explain why it hasn’t sold?
A price drop to €700k, 12 months later, raises questions. Interested in any views on the house. Needs a bit of work I know.


Thanks Mantissa, that solves one part of the mystery.


Now AMV of 650k


On the ppr for 610k