4 Southwinds, Ulverton Road, Dalkey (-750k, -25%)

Was withdrawn at auction quoting 3,000,000

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Now 2,250,000


This is interesting as a track of prices:

This was last purchased as an 800 sq foot bungalow in November 2004 for €2.41m:

Three years later as an extended 2700 sq foot house they are still waiting for a buyer at €2.25m.

Wow, what a staggeringly dreadful “investment” even from 2004.

Cost + Construction + Carry (3 years) = over €3m in outgoing probably excluding labour costs).

Maybe they would snare a buyer at €2m, maybe. A €1m bath.

You forgot our best friend “Stamp Duty”.

A nice cool 200K

It now looks to be on a lot less than .6 of an acre, I wonder did they do the chop job on the site and do they have a second house at the back as wellwell.

No. I checked that against planning apps. All they got in 2004 was an extension and even then only after appeal by three neighbours.

did they apply for more? maybe they are sitting on a 1/3 of an acre as well as the house and waiting for some little old nosey neighbour to pop her clogs.


Go look at the overhead photo. It is easily identifiable. as the exttended property in the road.

the my home logo is on the wrong house. the house does’t look like it is sitting on 0.6 of an acre. the original discription must have been way of the mark.

This seems to have been withdrawn for the moment.

This cached link from November (scroll down to Ulverton Road entry) says it was being rented out for 4500pm. For the sake of comparison, a 2.25m mortgage would cost you about 12,000pm over 30 years :slight_smile:

Sold for 2.25m

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